Uh so my dental appointment I scheduled 6 months ago is coming up in a couple weeks, and apparently they're assuming we're proceeding as normal... (or somewhere close to normal?)

Uh... really?

Your thoughts please, this feels super weird.

@deafferret That’s very weird and it’s weird that they don’t think it’s weird.

@gabek so what's normal now? Emergency dentistry only? No more cleanings? Leading to shitloads more emergencies?

@deafferret It just seems… early. When you’re talking about somebody shoving their hands in your mouth, especially. I have a rescheduled jury duty week coming up next month and that’s stressing me out that I have to be in close proximity with strangers that I don’t have a choice to trust. It’s just… early.

@deafferret WAAAAAAYYYY too early. Dentistry is one of the most hazardous medical specialties in terms of risk of CoViD-19 transmission. Dental procedures generate a lot of aerosols which linger in the air way longer than a cough or a sneeze, and you have to sit in a room with several other previous patients' lingering aerosolized germs with your mouth wide open and no way for you to wear PPE. Not worth it right now - your cleaning can wait a few months, I assure you.

@deafferret I just canceled a (already Corona-related rescheduled) physical because I don't have any real complaints or concerns. If it is a routine cleaning/check-up, personally I'd reschedule.

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