Rumor has it some places will only accept a money order, not a cashier's check. Can anyone explain to me why that would be true?

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@deafferret Normally when something like this occurs, it's due to fees, not regulations.

In Finland, every store takes credit and debit cards, and I've actually had people not want cash because it's inconvenient.
In Germany, it was at one time (and still is, to some extent) very difficult to use a credit card, and debit cards were even worse. The reasons given were always fee based - the shops had to pay the entire fee, there were far larger fees for taking them, etc.

My guess is a cashier's check has a larger fee, or that money orders have no fees. I have no idea anymore, we don't have those in Finland (:

@Truck Here in the US the person buying the money order or cashier's check pays the fees on top of whatever the amount is. The receiver has no fees on their end.

A cashiers check is backed by the "full faith a credit" of the billion dollar bank that issued it, so it amazes me when that's trusted less than a money order, which is backed by a (much smaller?) company that only does money orders?

On my end, buying the thing, since I'm banked, my bank does one for free, the other costs me money. :(

@Truck for the unbanked, cashier's checks are less convenient than money orders, that you can get in any grocery store. So I understand why unbanked people buy money orders. But I have no idea why the receiver would demand a money order specifically.

@deafferret Is there perhaps a cashing fee if it is drawn on a _different_ bank, and would those fees then be passed on by the bank to the individual or company cashing the check?

If not, then - I've spent too many minutes trying to figure this out as I won't run into it anytime soon myself, but - I agree - it's an odd situation (:

@Truck that sir, is an excellent hypothesis, maybe? I appreciate you wildly speculating with me. :)

@Truck an even wilder conspiracy theory I just invented: Landlords get kickbacks from monopolistic money order companies for specifically demanding money orders.

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