Wow! No-GB-limit 5mbps Verizon for $40/month! I love Ting (Sprint), but (Verizon) crushes it. Referral code "BvhL8" to thank my friend Matt for saving you (lots of?) money every month.

@deafferret I’ve always been afraid of these alternative, virtual operators. Like there’s got to be some catch and some day I’ll find myself without service.

@gabek We were both on Ting for years, no problems. Unfortunately Sprint coverage sucks outside major metros, and high GB usage still expensive when traveling.

Most of the time I barely use cellular (< 1GB/month), so I'm waaaaay overpaying most months on Verizon while at home.

Visible: We had 2 tethering streams + streaming on the phone all going in my basement, DVD+ quality. The website says tethering capped to 1 device, but apparently that cap isn't implemented currently.

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