So the Boy Scouts door to door popcorn sales I remember from my childhood are now... Just "Scouts"? Primarily "patriotic" cash donations? Run by a corporation and shipped directly to my house?

So... the kids are now... just photos in a database pressured to hit sales targets based on their parents social media link sharing?

This feels gross. But if you want to help(?) my friend's kid, free free :)

Further, I don't think the dad sent me this link. I think he clicked some button somewhere and Trails End SMSd everyone in his address book for him.

ffs "UP TO 75% goes back to the Scout, the Scout's troop or pack, and Council"

so... 2% is <= 75%, ya? Lovely.

Boy Scouts of America gets an A- rating from my favorite charity auditor. While their top exec pulls $874K/year in compensation.


Scouting: Looks like its 85% white men, but they seem to be taking diversity goals seriously:

Not sure where they're at on the religious diversity, gay leadership / membership, abuse allegation fronts.

Overall perhaps this is a more progressive organization that I was a member of in my youth?

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