My shrink says my black-and-white thinking is bad, but they sure do seem to be my most effective dieting strategies. :)

Response from a friend (1/2):

Yeah, I have a really hard time tricking my brain into all-or-nothing.
Brain: Why are we eating like this?! This sucks, and there are so many other better things to eat!
Me: Because we have a goal, Brain, and this is how we're doing it.
Brain: That's dumb.
Me: I know, but this is how we're doing it, and it should work if we stick to it.
Brain: ... But there are so many easier ways to go about it, why this way?

Response from a friend (2/2):

Me: Because this works for xyz reason.
Brain: But other stuff works too, and this sucks, so why are we doing this?
Brain: ... I hate this, and I am gonna fight you until you let me have my way.

<3 :)

@deafferret My id is very much like Venom; it bosses me around and taunts me, commandeers my meat suit to serve its own purposes, and demands tater tots, chocolate, and occasionally human heads.

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