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@deafferret We -- the woman on the left and I -- have gigabit fiber at our farm thanks to the company for which I work!


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Whoah! "Our modern concepts of 'woman' and 'man' are screwed up so I use 'ayra' and 'rayra'" @ 18 minutes

Life goals: teleporter + farm in the middle of nowhere raising sheep w/ fiber Internet somehow youtube.com/watch?v=o9PED-2NDJ

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If you have a sungo-shaped hole in your company, I'm actively looking for a remote gig. My resume is over at https://sungo.wtf/resume.pdf - Boosts very welcome
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DEV1: It’s been some time since I used Sublime, but it doesn’t have a test runner, auto-imports via node modules, github integration, remote node debugging, sftp, ssh, docker containers… off the top of my head.

DEV2: my editor doesn't need a terminal, I already have one of those. It doesn't need (inevitably bad) vcs integration, because I learned the git cli 10 years ago. I don't want it doing ssh or sftp and I definitely don't want it launching containers

Slack midwestdevchat.com

Monk S7E13, he goes to a football game and the captain does the aggressive alpha male teasing thing with his friends and Monk tries to do it too and it goes very badly...

And I understand Monk's perspective far better than the "normal" guys. Even though my sense of humor / style of friendship often has a lot of that aggressive teasing / posturing I learned in high school in Detroit in the early 90s.

Fascinating how my brain works. And doesn't. :)

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So, many of you may already know that I design board games with my cousin Marcus.

Well, we have a new game that JUST launched on Kickstarter!

What is it about, you ask?

… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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“I’m turning 30 years old”
- boring
- just sounds like you’re old

“I have witnessed 30 winters”
- epic
- mysterious
- wise
- enduring

ha. I'm so old giphy "mork and mindy pod" returns The Mindy Project, not nanoo nanoo

So umm, wouldn't it be ~trivial to create a bookmarklet to scrape chat text out of my browser? facebook.com/messages/t/CONVER

Was going to share a fun FaceBook Messenger thread. Downloaded my Messenger data for today. FB prepared a ZIP file for me:

$ cat no-data.txt
You have no data in this section

Oh. Woke up at 0430 dressed with the lights on. Apparently work -> walk -> games -> sleep -> work is work -> sleep -> walk -> games -> work today/night. Like some sort of crazy person.

Police procedurals I "watch" write characters out of shows between seasons all the time. The remaining cast awkwardly bumbles through some explanation of weird off-screen events. I Google and the actors contract was up and they moved on to other projects, often for more money / bigger roles.

Googling Dr. Kroger's heart attack explaining his sudden absence from S7E1of Monk: actor Stanley Kamel died of a heart attack.

Some Google results are surprisingly sad.

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