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It's a baby kidney stone! 2.89mm! Congrats baby brother! I'm an uncle now! octodon.social/media/DvMJzmWbC

4am ER run for brothers ongoing kidney stone drama. I really know how to party 🥂🍾🏥🎩

Wow. The diversity, quality and volume of is freaking me out. So much talent on display!

My baby brother developed a kidney stone at 2am. Puked repeatedly, laid of the floor of the bathroom, eventually drove himself to the emergency room.

Q: Why didn't you wake me up?

A: I figured you already have enough mammals waking you up every 2 hours for medical attention every night.

Amazingly informative history of gender equality issues in the supreme court wnyc.org/story/sex-appeal

Excellent interview w/ Moms Demand Action founder. Bummed that Nebraska chapter is silent.


"I have an F rating from the NRA. They’ve spent millions against me. The leaders of the NRA hate me, but they loathe Shannon Watts. And I have a feeling you’re gonna love her."

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Hello hello, I participated in a polar bear charity project ✨❄️@projectpolarpal ❄️✨

Made a post about my contribution (progress shots)! patreon.com/posts/project-pola

The store link is projectpolarpals.bigcartel.com !! Thanks if you support the cause 🤗💕

I walked ~17 miles in Vegas? Now resuming sedentary sick dog lifestyle :/ octodon.social/media/v5YeeUes3

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proud of all my friends participating in this action today
RIGHT NOW: Police arresting Jewish leaders in the Capitol. They are sitting in to demand justice for immigrants and a clean #DreamActNow.

Many Jews remember how our families were torn apart. We won’t stand idly by.

As police take them away, they are chanting: #LetMyPeopleStay

Amazingly informative history of gender equality issues in the supreme court wnyc.org/story/sex-appeal

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Annual work trip to Vegas was fun. We had Oreos so I got to play KGB from Rounders up in the suite. Most fun I've ever had with two racks of 1s from a casino. :) octodon.social/media/mfYz7jMqy

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Dear Millennials,

I understand you have been killing shitty stuff. Good for you! If there's any shitty thing I can help you kill, please let me know. (Our generation wasn't large enough to do more than mildly wound shitty things, apparently.)

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♲ @sarah jeong (sarahjeong@twitter.com): Blockchain is an elaborate work-around for a *very specific problem*: verifying irreversible transfers of value without a centralized authority. In other words, it's a computationally burdensome way to hate the government.
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@gabek what are you using on iOS? I’m currently trying Tootdon and it’s not too bad.

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