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Nice to read a little book review / journal entry I wrote a year ago and it holds up. :)

"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" by Kurt Vonnegut

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Even when you change the laws of physics, people *still* figure out ways to commit murder.

"Forever Falls," a free #scifi #mystery #ebook short novel out everywhere.

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click here to have a russian woman scream positive affirmations at you over heavy guitar riffs

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siri, how to stop my monocle popping out every time I see a working class person do something uncouth

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The young magic creatures listened intently.

"To be a familiar is a sacred obligation," croaked the ancient toad, as wise as they were rotund, "So take your time revealing yourself, no matter how eager or tempted. You must know the mage your existence will be dedicated to."

"How many mages may we be courted by?" asked a kitten.

"As many as possible."

The kitten scampered off excitedly; there were many saucers of fish to sample.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

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When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

huh. I don't know about the Fediverse from the perspective of your instance, but from mine is still mostly sex workers.

crypto bears 

Interesting to watch, again, as cryptocurrency valuations withdraw and flatten, and all those new people who were all excited go silent. Again. Next bull run in ~2 years? $1T has left crypto in the last 30 days.

I got started in 2013 apparently, when the global market was $2B (735x smaller than today).

Whoah! I'm a huge fan of remixes / mashups, check out these tracks from auctioneers

Only off by 3 orders of magnitude. :)
> The tree contains 1,367 cubic inches or 22,401 cm3 of solid wood.
> The carbon density of redwood is 0.34 g/cm3.
> The resulting estimated carbon content of that tree is approximately 7,616 kg of carbon

22,401 * .34 = 7,616 grams (not kilograms)
The tree has 7.6 kg of carbon stored. :)

Doctors thing says I'm only 6'2" barefoot, triggering an existential crisis. I'm not 6'4"?? WHO THE HELL EVEN AM I??

guns, left handedness 

huh. So in the show Bosch (Amazon Video) he signs paperwork with his left hand, but holsters on his right hip. Is this... normal for lefties? His (two handed) grip seems very strange to me.

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A friend's garden at sunset in oversaturated insta-colours. This may not be exactly how it looked, but rather like it felt to sit there.
#florespondence #photography

My local volunteer FD runs the sirens for every call (95% medical, 5% fire). I asked "how would I know if there's a tornado?" they said "look outside."
The medivac chopper visited the open house, that was really cool.

lol. Can't fathom why my SO doesn't want a life of being cold, wet, cramped, sore... as is Tradition!! :)
A day in the life of a fuel boat on the UK canals

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