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Nice to read a little book review / journal entry I wrote a year ago and it holds up. :)

"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" by Kurt Vonnegut

covid-19 & cell phone mobility data 

Oh interesting. I never noticed the bottom graph before -- Social distancing stats as measured by cell phone mobility data. So in Nebraska apparently we lowered our movement 38% in April. Nowadays we're only down 6% from the "start" of covid. Hit the Compare tab to see all 50 states. (SD was UP 14% in August.) Presumably movement trends seasonally, I don't know what our normative seasonal curve looks like.

oh note: only the first 2 episodes are free, then you need YouTube Premium

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covid-19 + flu 

Heard a story of a person who tested positive for BOTH the flu and covid-19 and died. Was counted as a covid death. Are the 12-90K Americans who annually die from the flu ("this is 'normal'") being moved into covid stats? Apparently not. Flu deaths are highly seasonal (see this graph)
So we won't know until the October flu ramp-up starts.
(196K Americans have died from covid so far. Social distancing curtailed flu deaths in 2020 YAY!)

Wow. All the same actors, 35 years later. Total reversal of who the assholes are. Amazing. (Free on YouTube)
Cobra Kai Ep 1 - “Ace Degenerate” - The Karate Kid Saga Continues

covid-19 Georgia USA 

Wow. Georgia is a test case for the worst ways to handle a pandemic.
"University of Georgia to allow football -- but not in-person voting -- this fall"

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im watching some live streams of observatory telescopes looking at space and i have to wonder, have we totally ruled out the possibility that everything in space is just really wobbly?

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lol wow.
"We asked GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful new language generator, to write an essay for us from scratch. The assignment? To convince us robots come in peace"

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starting to think this gender thing is just something somebody made up

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IPA is so useful and cool cause in any language, in any dialect, each symbol always means the same sound. a single alphabet for all.

except Englishes where out of ‘tradition’ /e/ means [ɛ], /r/ means [ɹ̠], /ɔː/ is [oː], /ɒ/ is [ɔ], /ʌ/ is [ɐ], /o/ is [ow], and /æ/ is either [a] or [eə].

English speakers are so used to an orthography outdated for centuries that they won't update even their IPA... (tho kudos to Australians for using the international phonetic alphabet as a phonetic alphabet!)

Pro tip: when scuba diving you want your air tank open, not barely open. It gets panicy at 25' when suddenly the whole breathing thing isn't working.

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Pondering "TLS Mastery" marketing.

Specifically, making a version that's called "SSL Mastery" but costs $10 extra. #tlsmastery

Holy crap my shipment arrived today. I'm just blown away! Now I have to figure out how to hang large-format art! <3

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hello I wrote a piece about how rural folks can be allies to LGBTQ peoples. it's pretty fluffy and basic, but I am writing for a general audience of relatively out-of-the-loop white farmers so....

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