Myrtle Beach Safari posted this interesting vid of a chimp, named Sugriva, popping balloons in VR

Wow very cool. Netflix "Fishpeople" taking inner city kids surfing.
At the MeWater Foundation, we have witnessed first hand how exposure to the ocean and mother nature has the power to educate, inspire, and empower. We work to address trauma and stress in young people from backgrounds of poverty and violence in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide them a different way of relating to the world and communities they live in.

4 US (NATO) soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year. "The Afghan militant death count is so high the government no longer releases statistics regularly."

Interesting thoughts on income disparity and how its affecting the gaming (and other) industries:

Last 5 minutes of:

Counterpoint: Do the working class poor have $1400 gaming PCs to play these "free" games while struggling paycheck to paycheck?

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Drawing some birds for blanco panels today. Ready to drop them into their proper pages when I get hoooome

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ha! episode 15 is pretty interesting. 2 people with very damaged emotional pasts working through their current "free love" relationship — on a podcast

If I was more impulsive I would have quit my job and become a shark lab bum today ;)

‪Gah, finally. Tumblr driving me batty, but it's eventually working if you want to follow my scuba photo blog I'll take some dive boat pics tomorrow. :)‬

Wow. Tumblr Android client is AWFUL for 7 photo upload on shitty Internet. No indication of progress or when it gives up. Telegram works GREAT sending photos. Ready to abandon Tumblr if anyone has any suggestions for alternative for posting ~10 photos a day from crappy Internet... Mastodon is poor for multiple photos a day? I LOVE the Tumblr /archive feature for browsing pics from years ago...

Currently binge-listening to this amazing podcast:

If the little angel and devil from your shoulders ever hung out without you and made a podcast, this is probably what it would sound like. Equal parts wholesome and horrific, Mormon and the Meth-head is about one unlikely friendship.

Jessa and Aaron have led two completely different lives. While Aaron was stopping strangers on the streets of Milan to teach them about Joseph Smith, Jessa was teaching dudes...

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My stepdad got this book for my mom for her birthday.

It's brilliant.

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They're shutting down G+ so I need a new social network nobody uses, to not use. Time for elephant twitter I guess.

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lol ok NOW I'm excited about this trip. See you in a week, suckers :)

Apparently Manuel was also involved in this documentary on Hulu. So apparently now I need to re-up my Hulu to watch it. :)

In 2010, New York City banned quotas on arrests and summonses.
In 2015, a group of 12 minority NYPD officers filed a class-action lawsuit against the NYPD, alleging the illegal and continued use of quotas.
The Hulu Original Documentary: Crime + Punishment

Another excellent podcast series you should listen to. The intro threw me, but I assure you these aren't voice actors.

When there's no justice, there's Manuel Gomez.

This investigative series is based on host Saki Knafo's reporting for The New York Times Magazine as a reporting fellow with Type Investigations.

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