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Nice to read a little book review / journal entry I wrote a year ago and it holds up. :)

"God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" by Kurt Vonnegut

Lucille: Oh Buster I feel so foolish!
Buster: No!
L: Yes! I'm foolish. And I'm funny. And I'm needy. Am I needy?
B: No
L: Are you sure I'm not needy? Cause I feel needy sometimes.
-- Arrested Development S1 E8

Near-crushing depression yesterday. After a couple hours of that I finally remembered "oh right, this is nicotine withdrawal." It's a hell of a drug that twists your mind SO HARD to feed the addiction forever.

whoah, surprised () is on my ballot. One of my way-too-many hobbies is maintaining this Nebraska database:

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git push -f origin master

The "f" stands for Friday.

But now a great thing in the street
seems any human nod,
Where shift in strange democracy
the million masks of God.
-- G. K. Chesterton

There's No Such Thing As Orange (a metaphysical / spiritual exploration of The Hard Problem of Consciousness)

Brown Is Not A Color (a science-y explanation that brown only exists in context (its actually dark orange))

(well, I mean "enjoy" is a strong word in 2020, but I do find them very informative. sigh lol)

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Lefty podcasts I enjoy: Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)(NY DSA). Midwest Socialist Podcast (Chicago DSA). Socialist Rifle Association Podcast. And my friend recommended

I demand everyone go watch shay paint my new motorcycle helmet RIGHT NOW :)

"rich" people problems 

lol crazy... 31 acres. Tax assessed for a decade at $220K. Now they're trying to sell it for $430K. Discouraging for people like me looking for properties like this...?

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Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom meetings/conferences with #Owncast? You could embed this right on your web site or whatever, very cool. @jannik detailed how to do this, and it’s a pretty cool solution for bridging these two worlds.

... to enjoy / understand the humor of the speakers. A lot of far-left messaging seems to turn a corner wherein the tone assumes all listeners already come from a mental model of the world that already buckets so many things as obviously bad that they're just punchlines. I need explanations and teachings from history, not the constant assumption that I'm on the same page. Far left or right, I listen to podcasts to understand more, not sing with a choir that I already dis/agree with.

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(1) If you're unfamiliar with the School of the Americas, this is one place to start
(2) I've unsub'd from the Behind the Bastards podcast because apparently I'm not far left enough. A pattern I keep finding is that I keep trying to gather information about neoliberalism / socialism / communism, but this podcast (and others) are presented so flippantly / sarcastically that to consume them you have to be deeply embedded, unquestioning in far-left frameworks... (cont'd)

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US pol 

so do I vote for an openly gay (+) asshat (---) bakery owner (+) in the hopes that being printed on the ballot as D has the best chance of unseating an R? 🤮

Oooo! Mail-in ballot received!
So who's done a bunch of down-ballot research on these judges and such?

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can your""science"" explain why, when i was a child and saw a phantom menace promotional cardboard cutout of darth maul in the grocery store i had nightmares about it for months, but now i'm an adult i want to to make out with him?
thanks in advance

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