ha neat. Some github bot thing automatically opening pull requests to patch javascript dependency security vulnerabilities. I welcome our AI programmer overlords. :)

"As Hayek wrote, "The more men know, the smaller the share of all that knowledge becomes that any one mind can absorb. The more civilized we become, the more relatively ignorant must each individual be of the facts on which the working of civilization depends."


George Will "The Conservative Sensibility" with EconTalk host Russ Roberts

"Fortunately--yes, fortunately--this is getting more true by the day, the hour, the minute. As humanity's stock of knowledge grows, so, too, does the amount that, theoretically, that can be known but that, practically, cannot be known." (2/3)

"Hayek was enthusiastic about markets, but not because of utopian expectations. He was enthusiast because markets comport with what he called the Tragic View of the human condition. Human beings are limited in what they can know about their situation, and governments composed of human beings are limited in their comprehension of society's complexities. The simple, indisputable truth is that everyone knows nothing about almost everything." (1/2)

How have I never heard of Filthy Boy until today?

lol Twitch stream title DANGER NOODS

danger noods = danger noodles = sniks = snakes

She's paining a snake.

I get jokes. Eventually. :)

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Amused by YouTube videos that use stock footage while making fun of that footage & themselves for using it.
"stuck on desert island with suitcase full of useless money"

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so, basically the first generation of internet/linux/web devs are kind of the boomers of the tech we have now. we are going to be asked soon where we've put everybody's privacy & civil liberty & why on earth we've put our intelligence into those large destructive companies. 1/2

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here's my presentation (KeyNote) "Cosmonaut Conspiracy to Unbalance Your Breakfast" bit.ly/33CzYZi
Better yet the good bits only better: youtube.com/watch?v=1VPfZ_Xzis
And the infamous gist: gist.github.com/jhannah/13af2b

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who called it a sewing circle and not quilt by association

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I'd like to mention that *even though* I'm busy with work tasks and multiple conversations, I *still* found time to make my desktop unbootable.

Some of us are just real good multitaskers.

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i don't think i'm a bad person, in the moral wrongdoing sense, but i do think i'm a bad person in the way that, say, a toaster that only toasts one side of your bread and then causes an electrical fire is a bad toaster

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I am willing to pay cold, hard, FIAT cash to someone willing and able to port raw.githubusercontent.com/sive

to golang (that compiles/works on mips64 as a single, static binary -- if that matters. which it probably will)

how much? YOU TELL ME (and let me know why you're a great fit for this task). I am willing and able to pay a premium because this is something far more useful to me in two weeks than two months.

boosts very much appreciated.


Tucson Police Department Investigating Suspicious White Powder on Tucson's far East Side.
Officers have been getting numerous reports of the suspicious substance from all over town. Now we finally have some answers for the concerned public.

If I had a next tattoo idea it might be "this is water" lettering next to my shark

THIS IS WATER! by David Foster Wallace

This video makes me cry every time. Empathy. Awareness.

... simultaneously, I continue to struggle with David's suicide.

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