smoking death rate decreasing 

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I have some ideological quibbles with one of the authors of this, but the analysis is spot on: many times leftists make bad union organizers because they may be focused on abstract concepts like justice and ending capitalism which are not easily quantifiable/winnable and therefore are harder to organize around, whereas apolitical or even conservative workers may be more focused on bread & butter demands, which are winnable and easier to organize around.

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Some have argued that is means the water in Warsaw is not vegan

I can't even begin to respond to that

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precious metals craziness 

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@deafferret WAAAAAAYYYY too early. Dentistry is one of the most hazardous medical specialties in terms of risk of CoViD-19 transmission. Dental procedures generate a lot of aerosols which linger in the air way longer than a cough or a sneeze, and you have to sit in a room with several other previous patients' lingering aerosolized germs with your mouth wide open and no way for you to wear PPE. Not worth it right now - your cleaning can wait a few months, I assure you.

20 kids on bicycles (no adults) are riding around in front of the house. And the ice cream truck is rolling around playing the music. If kids are roaming freely licking each other they might as well be in school?

Uh so my dental appointment I scheduled 6 months ago is coming up in a couple weeks, and apparently they're assuming we're proceeding as normal... (or somewhere close to normal?)

Uh... really?

Your thoughts please, this feels super weird.

Six Feet Under S2E3 27m
College professor scene: I suspect the writing in this scene is meaningless babble using big words with lots of syllables intentionally leaving the audience thinking they can't begin to understand complex concepts like these. Either that or I've been out of academia too long and can no longer parse complex English phrases.

Steven Universe S1E31
uhh... really? The lesson we should take away is that delusional people should stay that way (to be "happier") and we should feed their psychosis?

This is a great show, but there are a lot of bad lessons. Sometimes the next episode tries to address / retcon the ethics. Sometimes it doesn't bother.

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tech subtoot; I continue to hate protobuf 

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Netizens who reside in the meatspce known as the US, take note.

Https:// can help.

ONI-DoH encrypts your dns requests from a server in Amsterdam that keeps no will at the very least make mass collection of web browsing history very difficult.

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Thank you for the new patreon pledge!! 70 PATRONS - WAT :star_eyes: :tialove: :tentaluv: I'm currently working on the... ermm... 69 Patron Reward.. :tentaluv: So if you want a taste of that, you can join too!

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just out of curiosity... (boosts v appreciated)

'i am ___ and ___ at math'

City Homicide S1E3:
Two detectives fire simultaneously at a gunman. Lab results determine which detective's bullet killed the gunman. The results come in, one of the detectives gets the phone call, throws up.

Me: Why does it matter? If I fired a gun at someone and they died the trauma has all occurred. Why would they tell me if it was my bullet or not? Why would I care?

Other than a marksmanship datapoint, which would be the least of my concerns?

Because it makes for dramatic TV?

covid, gym $ 

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