God I want nicotine. (I quit again 8 days ago cause I made the mistake of asking Mom what she wanted for her birthday.) Bad timing. I'm stressed the hell out.

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Wolf tees are up for preorder 🐺
All orders until wednesday will get a free card!

Boosts are super appreciated 💙

#mastoart #creativeToots

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It is TIME. I will be live for **10 hours straight** over at twitch.tv/Jeninator - From 10am GMT to 8pm, trying to raise money for my local #Foodbank! If you are able, please consider throwing a few quid over here: gofundme.com/10-hour-art-strea ❤️

Holy crap, really? As someone maybe looking to buy property again I'm thinking I'd be a huge sucker not to spend the time and headache to try to buy a foreclosure?

I'm a rabid evangelist for open access to government data. Here's a great example of my righteous fury blowing up in my face.


"Websites have turned mugshots into money -- posting mugshots online, and charging people to take them down. In most states, it’s legal. Should it be?"

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honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

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Me: "I saw the sun rise and fall over Bofa. I've heard entire hordes of posters, all yelling 'Joot (jean toot)'. I've witnessed more server migrations than you could ever imagine kid. Picture it: millions upon millions of 'follow my new account's messages."

New Poster: "So why do you do it?"

Me: "Hmm?"

New Poster: "Why are you still here? It's not for the clout, so why?"

Me: *Lighting a cigarette, then cocking my rifle that says "This toot kills fascists"* "Cause someone's gotta do it."

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The great thing about Mastodon is that it is basically functioning anarcho-communism in and of itself, so I never have to answer the question "but how will communism ever work" on here. I can just be like "you're livin it, dude! Cowabunga!"

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How I make stars (and spells): I use masking fluid before painting
And it's always magical when I remove it 🌟
#art #mastoart #watercolor

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Tumblr is banning all adult content


Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

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So... tumblr changes its policy and the fediverse goes crazy? 😂

Hello to all my new followers! Migrating over from tumblr? Say hello!

Response from a friend (2/2):

Me: Because this works for xyz reason.
Brain: But other stuff works too, and this sucks, so why are we doing this?
Brain: ... I hate this, and I am gonna fight you until you let me have my way.

<3 :)

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