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I was a happy person programming in javascript, until mastodon came into my life ๐Ÿ˜›

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New rule: if you have never endured crushing poverty you don't get to make pronouncements about the choices poor people make

Have you read Hugh Howey's Silo Series? I just finished #6. How far along are you? gist.github.com/jhannah/33315d

2017 data added to the Nebraska report. Enjoy! :) ne.tif.report/ (Tax Increment Financing)

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Heads up, Tootdon users!

It has been discovered that Tootdon silently forwards copies of posts you interact as well as the auth token to your account to its to own servers.


Consider replacing it with an open-source Masto app like Mastalab or SubwayTooter.

Make sure you also revoke Tootdon from your Authorized Apps in Preferences.

For folks here on Monsterpit:

[ T tossing trash toward coworkers' cubicle waste basket, making a mess ]
M: You missed again Tony.
T: Did I McGee? Remember: Goals are deceptive. The unaimed arrow never misses.

-- NCIS S3E21

TV nudity / violence / death Show more

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In case you missed it, and not following along with the looming laws about to hit ad-tech, this "techie's rough guide to #GDPR" from January is an easy and enlightening read.


Frankly, after reading that, I'm looking forward to the web exploding in a couple months.

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A gender reveal ceremony on the shore of a dark lake. A hooded figure reveals a sphere of smoke and with great ceremony, gestures broadly as the smoke dissipates.

All attendees nod, knowing no more now than they did before arriving. The child will come. The child will be. Eventually the child will dissipate.

Cake is served.

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Since this a different account, I should repost my old lesbian alignment chart.

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So in Star Wars they explain the Sith as drawing from negative emotion and the Jedi beings stoics, but that doesn't seem like it covers the full spectrum. So I have a question to ask all you Star Wars nerds: are there force uses that instead draw on POSITIVE EMOTIONS? Are there tag team force abilities powered by friendship? Can you levitate yourself up with joy? Are there any twee jedi wearing bright pastel colored clothes and carrying pink lightsabers instead of dressing like a monk or an edgelord, going around the galaxy protecting people with force powers fueled by love and compassion like they're Sailor Moon? I think there's untapped potential here.

It occurs to me it would have been a lot cheaper for fitbit.com to just be a static website: "Exercise more."

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I've been really stressed out-- to the point I've been feeling sick.
did some slugs as quick mindless doodles I guess as a result.

#snails #slugs #animals #sketches #art #mastoart #creativetoot #creativetoots