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Regarding Jitsi Meet servers:
There is a recent trend to use Jitsi Meet, a JavaScript WebRTC application, for videoconferencing.

Please note that these video conferences aren't end-to-end encrypted. This means server-side parties can monitor your activity. If you want to use Jitsi hosted by others, look for a comprehensive privacy policy as always.

There could be additional legal requirements if you want to use third-party Jitsi servers for school or work.

#jitsi #privacy #security #infosec

For the rest, we have lots of books, and we read a lot more than usual, and of course we started with Seneca's "On the Brevity of Life".

It seems all my plans to reenter the data protection consulting market will have to wait a lot, but then I have lost count of how many careers I've missed. And anyway, even the few CVs I sent around Europe in January did not exactly have a warm reception.
Oh well, there are more serious problems to think about.

"If a designer draws wireframes, prepares prototypes, conducts workshops, but cannot deliver a solution for a problem, he or she is anything but a designer."

A delightful piece by Slava Shestopalof about the slow drift of design titles towards a total lack of meaning.

"“UX/UI designer” sounds as awkward as “vegetable/carrot salad” or “vehicle/bus driver. Why don’t we call ourselves designers anymore? When did “design” cease to mean anything?"

Our daughter, 11, just up and decided to do this, all on her own, for us and the grandparents. All we did was to read the recipe. At her age, I could hardly warm up milk.

> Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure.
> [...] a browser may be blocked from signing in for the following reasons:
> - Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.

So Google says that not only is JavaScript not harmful, it actually __improves__ your security.

This has to be the hottest take I've seen this year. :brain4:

I saw a video on the HP85 personal computer from 1979 and it really got me thinking about how we do computing today.

How easy it it for the average user to sit down at a computer and do some computation?

I guess that the closest thing we have to a general purpose numbercruncher for most people is... Excel/Calc/Google Sheets?

That's absolutely not the direction HP, etc thought computation would go in 1979, I'm sure.

Domattina dalle 6:10, il nuovo episodio "il fenomeno del riconoscimento facciale".
Un giorno in ritardo, ma di gran fretta!

The only known bilingual palindrome:

Anger? ‘Tis safe never. Bar it! Use love.

Spell that backward and you get:

Evoles ut ira breve nefas sit; regna!

Which is Latin for:

Rise up, in order that your anger may be but a brief madness; control it! #linguistics

Un fantastico nuovo episodio con il keynote OEB2019 di Audrey Watters e una superproduzione che nemmanco la RAI.

Share and enjoy!

DataKnightmare: L'algoritmico è politico: DK 4x20 - Edtech Agit-prop

E' in arrivo un nuovo episodio con un'ospite di eccezione, nientemeno che Audrey Watters di Hack Education! E in italiano!
Con ogni probabilità, giovedi mattina.

On Scraping Mastodon:

If they hadn't misunderstood the difference between a name of a field and the social and cultural implications of it's usage, this paper wouldn't have been written.

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4 days to Brexit and already the UK is showing exactly where its racist drift will lead

Facial recognition cameras will put us all in an identity parade | Frederike Kaltheuner

The Metropolitan police are rolling this technology out on to our streets, warns tech expert Frederike Kaltheuner

@kick That's simply how information works.

So with pervasive recorded fungible, manipulable, queryable, records, on tremendous numbers of people, you don't know what future motives, contexts, norms, values, power structures, etc., will be.

The problem with Google's policy of getting right up to the creepy line, is that that creepy line moves.

So does the Surveillance Data Risk Line.

And we don't know what parts will move which way for what people and data.

@enkiv2 @kragen @freakazoid

gioite! il Pizzi ha fatto 'o miracolo e domattina esce l'episodio 19: "Scienca Defiscienza e il Cavolfiore Inappropriato"

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