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Facebook: You're too stupid to understand your data, so we don't give it to you

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ten years of buying books online, and Amazon cannot even understand that I needed to buy "Artifictional Intelligence" 18 months ago.
The baseline for all AI discussion should be that AI is criminally oversold and overrated

Microsoft has released their new Terminal application to GitHub, marketing it as another demonstration of their commitment to "open source". While the project is MIT licensed, did you know it is inextricably linked and dependent upon numerous proprietary SDK tools, headers, and the Visual C++ ATL.

Do not be fooled, see through the mirage of feigned support to undermine and sabotage the original ethics of the free software movement!

Google se voit comme fournisseur de carte d'identité électronique ... Que pourrait-il mal se passer ?

è il secondo complimento sfacciato in pochi giorni.
Rischio di montarmi la testa?

Dopo 34 episodi in due settimane sono giunto alla conclusione che @dataKnightmare sia il miglior podcast italiano per chiunque sia minimamente interessato a capire i tempi odierni. Se ne sai qualcosa di informatica (ma non per forza) e ti interessa mettere le tue conoscenze in relazione con il mondo, ascoltalo.

I've read "A world run with code" and it seems to me Steohen Wolfram is a Software Zealot --not something I mean as a compliment.
The little we ate already seeing about "smart" anything should indicates that the solution to our current software problems does not lie in better software.

Ho bucato due episodi per togliermi di gola questo rospo. Spero non vi risulti altrettanto indigesto. Buon ascolto!

Donc, c'est confirmé. Voici la preuve que les US veulent #Assange pour "obtention et dissémation d'informations confidentielles" (journalisme, quoi), dans le cadre de l'"Espionnage Act" de 1917 (pour lequel les sanctions vont jusqu'à la peine de mort...).

Même si vous n'aimez pas le type, s'il n'est pas parfait, si vous pensez qu'il a pu dire ou faire des conneries, il est tout de même moment de le soutenir.

#FreeAssange #FreeChelsea #FreeOlaBini

spicy software opinions, on user-configurability 

blurt, wristwatches, mild profanity 

'WIthout cyberlibertarianism, it is difficult if not impossible to understand the arguments some technology critics are recommending'

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