Hier, la Commission LIBE du Parlement UE a voté l'obligation de retrait en 1h des contenus désignés comme terroristes par la police

La prochaine étape sera le vote en plénière

Nous continuerons le combat pour demander le rejet de texte


nerd proposition for 2021: work out an en_eu keyboard map (includes all accented letters, umlauts and scharfes-s)

Today is one of the rare Pythagorean Theorem Days: it’s December 16, 2020, and 12² + 16² = 20² 📐

The next ones will be on July 24, 2025 and October 24, 2026.

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Gooooooood morning Mastonauts!

It's monday again, and nobody asked me. What happened to informed choice?


<< Code isn't enough on its own. We throw code away when it runs out its clock; we migrate data to new databases, so as not to lose one precious bit. Code is a story we tell about data.

But programmer culture tends to devalue data. >>

This is a very good article.

h/t @enkiv2


Per quanto ne capisco io, la legge definisce vome vanno condotte le investigazioni, che sono permesse entro quei limiti.

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CryptPad is an #opensource collaborative editor (think: Google Docs/Drive) with a strong focus on #privacy. I have been using it for a while, and would like to recommend it to others as well!

You can try it here: cryptpad.fr/drive/

You can create and share text documents, sheets, presentations, code, kanban boards and more.

You can use it for free, but I recommend supporting them either by upgrading to a paid subscription, or by donating here: opencollective.com/cryptpad/

deep learning (-) 

"DeepGestalt - Identifying Rare Genetic Syndromes Using Deep Learning"

fuck this shit

looks a Mandelbrot set-inspired design. Not the classiest lace, to my personal taste.

(Relatively) Physically Accurate Black Hole Visualization in Unreal Engine

(submitted by mroche)

when you or i say 'the economy':
things being made, things getting done, people getting paid

when conservatives say 'the economy':
the process of wealth being transferred from the many to the few

Je viens de publier un billet, où j'explique que je souhaite une conversation apaisée à propos es technologies : standblog.org/blog/post/2020/1 . Bonne lecture à vous !

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