The elephant in the room of the Android App ecosystem: Play is not a safe place

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Friendos and cool people.

We still have a barrage of negative reviews (known as review bombing), if you want to help us report their reviews as unhelpful, etc. feel free to head on over to #Tusky's play store page!

If you like what we do, and wanna support the work, you can donate over on #OpenCollective

Ah! Ok, I didnt get it. This is familiar territory for me...

I have a copy in the buying list, cant gi deeper than that :(

Why did I not know about David Golumbia ten years ago? *Shame*

If it's about content moderation, then Life Behind the Screen is vrry good

Lookyloo: scrape a website and displays a tree of domains calling each other

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What is it with water in america? Or air? I mean these peiple must get their LSD from somewhere

My take on the issue is that the officer in question should be referred to as Captain Rackete, as any male captain would. I'm also very glad her arrest hasn't been confirmed.

La Comandante Carola Rackete è libera!
Il gip di Agrigento, Alessandra Vella, non ha convalidato l’arresto della comandante della Sea Watch Carola Rackete in quanto il Dl sicurezza bis non è applicabile alle azioni di salvataggio ma è riferibile solo alle condotte degli scafisti.

Carola "Ha agito per adempiere al dovere di portare in salvo i migranti"


#SeaWatch3 #CarolaRacketeLibera

TFW your two hour flight gets delayed by three hours

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