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Amongst the many things I ignored, is the fact that Kung Fu Tea is a legitimate performance. And an enchanting one.
(Yesterday night, at a belated celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival in San Marino)

stationery fetish 

So, 60 days to organise a 350-people conference.
First things first, choose an appropriate bullet journal.
Nothing too fancy, a dependable workhorse.


So, according to family the was a success.
Even if I risked needing dynamite to crack open the bread sealing. Great recipe, thanks for the suggestion @laetsgo

Southern sky now. Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, (of course, none is visible in day time), the Sun. Farther off, the ISS.

Double feature: Some Like It Hot/Young Frankenstein.
Cappuccino and pastry included

Not that we expected anything less from Big F...

WillowTree wants to help eliminate the gender pay gap–Facebook is working against us.

WillowTree wants to help eliminate the gender pay gap–Facebook is working against us.

A remarkable argument.

Universal Basic Income Is Silicon Valley’s Latest Scam

In 2016, I was invited to Uber’s headquarters (then in San Francisco) to talk about the failings of the digital economy and what could be done about it. Silicon Valley firms are the only corporations…

Your periodic reminder that:
A) programs always do what you SAY, never what you mean
B) programs are always right
C) programs (including ML goals) are always a measure of someone's understanding of a piece of reality
D) all of the above entail that we should go full Hammurabi: anybody in a software chain of command should be forced to use always use it, in the version madam available to the public.

A catalog of ingenious cheats developed by machine-learning systems

Hey @laetsgo !
Produit d'Alsace! Dans le petit marché Français arrivé dans ma ville

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