Some idiot had to get there sooner or later.

That this was ever allowed to happen is a mistake we will live long enough to die regretting the shitty world we are leaving our children.

@dataKnightmare Ever the optimist, I'm hoping for a revival of punkish makeup that doubles as facial recognition-foiling art.

I'm a great fan of active countermeasures, but I think a social issue won't be solved by individual action.
Makeup may even serve as an additional parameter for discrimination as well as incentive for tech improvement.

@dataKnightmare My favorite part is how it gets worse with every paragraph. At some point you go "how could it get worse" and then you find out the Thiel connection. 😩

@dataKnightmare gah, this isn’t an erosion of privacy so much as half the hill washing out in a sudden mudslide.

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