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"Privacy and P2P Protocols" Show more

May the spirit of '89 assist all Europe in these difficult times

I am not sure the English need a boost of patriotic enthusiasm in their exceptionalistic descent into fascism

Silicon Valley & China, surveillance (recommended reading) Show more

It's the afternoon, bring on the second PIA!

Morning. Another day, another PIA. Or two.
But... Allez les Bleus !

US gov't vs breastfeeding (!) Show more

immigration, racism, capitalism Show more

parenting while old Show more

strongly against algorithmic grading (and rightly so) Show more

"intellectually narrow comp sci". Yes. YES. I've been wrestling with this since forever. Tried what I could ("post-autistic IT"), to no avail.
The problem, as I see it from the inside, is that the quasi-autistic traits enabled and promoted by a narrow view of programming experience are seen as an asset by industry, rather than a dangerous work-related disorder to be fought.

@aral hi, did you know your day site gives "500 Failed"? Everything ok?

@LaQuadrature nous explique que Facebook, Google, Twitter... savent qu'ils sont perdants sur le terrain juridique. Ils déplacent donc le combat sur l'aspect idéologique avec l'espoir de modifier l'opinion publique en leur faveur. #PSES2018