Appetizer, Italian style. Because it's always Monday somewhere.

I'll probably never get over the fact that gravity is on not only during weekends, but even on Monday mornings.

In other news, the new office is coming up nicely. Especially the meeting/course room where XBoxes will not be admitted because of course

All this disruptive innovation and still nothing beats a 30--year-old IBM model M mechanical keyboard

But don’t let that distract you; it was designed to kill people (2017)

(submitted by hypertexthero)

The internet is already broken bc of #Google.
Try it. Block all gooogle IPs, subsidiaries, libraries, & so-called ‘free services.’ Venture further to co’s they invest in like HTC, MagicLeap, etc. Things won't look right, not load, not allow you #ReCaptcha access, no notifications, nada etc. This is why #FuckOffGoogle is important. #Google is a monopoly bc there is no way to not give them your personal information when wanting to surf the www safely without being #Privacy #PeolpleFarm’ed by them.

At some point, there's functionally no difference between enabling exploitative incentives, harmful behavior, and societal degradation vicariously through the products and services we create and actually going out and committing those acts ourselves

Software engineers in particular are masters of deflecting responsibility for the things we create

That's not something to be proud of

#APT28 aka #FancyBear spotted implementing a #UEFI #rootkit which can can survive #OS reinstallation and hard drive replacement. Dubbed #Lojax. First seen of its kind opening the door to a much more persistent threat. Either replace the #motherboard or update firmware #infosec

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