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The ancient gods, reminding us on winter solstice that Darkness doesn't last forever.

Or, a humble double rainbow.

"#Instagram ha davvero abbattuto ogni barriera tra contenuti e pubblicità. Anzi, le pubblicità sono più interessanti dei contenuti"

#dataknightmare 6x08 @dataKnightmare

If you're not American, ask yourself:

If America has a second Civil War - for example, if the Qanon Republicans pull another Jan 6 but this time it works - which faction will end up controlling Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure?

Do you want to bet your entire country's economy and data privacy on American Cloud systems always being operated by a friendly nation? Or even always a "not actually currently in a shooting war with us" nation?

Ten years from now? Twenty years from now?

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Imagine a government agency ordered Apple to include hashes of all documents they wanted to track into that kiddie porn database. Suddenly the government knows who's got that antivax meme JPG. Or tax protest DOC. Or an environmental report PDF.

And it's just hashes! Apple won't know what they're tracking, so they can't say "no".

Now tell me you honestly believe no government *ever* will take advantage of this invisible monitoring power.

Attaching a keyboard to a computer is a terrible idea. What are you gonna do, make the computer wait while some slow-ass human types instructions into it?

No. Feed it instructions on punch cards as God and Herman Hollerith intended. And don’t use that stupid paper tape that can only be edited with scissors and tape, either.

This is from the co-creator of Dogecoin (thread)


After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built primarily to amplify the wealth of its proponents through a combination of tax avoidance, diminished regulatory oversight and artificially enforced scarcity.

A big shout-out to our 4.300 supporting members ❤ You allow us to effectively enforce the GDPR every day, thank you.
Not a member yet? Then #InvestInPrivacy and become a noyb supporting member today! ➡

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Impact factor abandoned by Dutch university in hiring and promotion decisions — Nature

A Dutch university says it is formally abandoning the impact factor — a standard measure of scientific success — in all hiring and promotion decisions. By early 2022, every department at Utrecht University in the Netherlands will judge its scholars by other standards, including their commitment to teamwork and their efforts to promote open science, says Paul Boselie, a governance researcher and the project leader for the university’s new Recognition and Rewards scheme. “Impact factors don’t really reflect the quality of an individual researcher or academic,” he says. “We have a strong belief that something has to change, and abandoning the impact factor is one of those changes.”

#academy #openscience

Intuit to Share Payroll Data from 1.4M Small Businesses With Equifax – Krebs on Security -

Financial services giant Intuit this week informed 1.4 million small businesses using its QuickBooks Online Payroll and Intuit Online Payroll products that their payroll information will be shared with big-three consumer credit bureau Equifax starting later this year unless customers opt out by the end of this month.

Noyb is a European campaign group which defends people's privacy. You can follow them at:

➡️ @noybeu

Noyb's focus is on fighting privacy violations by companies and corporations.

You can find out more from their website at

(In case you're wondering, Noyb stands for "none of your business".)

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Hello Mastodon, we finally made it 🎉 We are a pan-european NGO with one specific goal: to make privacy a reality. noyb stands for "none of your business" and pursues strategic and effective enforcement by thoroughly analyzing privacy violations and litigating them. Want to know more about us? Then visit

Sono stato a leggere post relativi ai due matteo sul sito cinguettante, che comunque rimane tra le piattaforme dove i nostri normalmente scrivono.

Non so come esprimere le mie sensazioni; è che leggere quei post e commenti IMHO dà la misura del malessere che serpeggia nel paese. È un malessere che va affrontato e curato in qualche modo, altrimenti si rivolterà contro la nostra società.

Il tw*tter italofono oggi mi appare la migliore approssimazione disponibile della vecchia "Radio Parolaccia".

Paul Otlet's Mundaneum (1935) and Mondotheque are pretty cool precursors to the Memex! I hadn't heard about them.

(The Atlantic article from 2014, h/t @enkiv2 )

Consent is a failed regulatory approach, especially (but not only) in data protection law.

It’s prevailing is the direct result of stakeholders being painfully ignorant to the fact that consent requires control.

This control is a privilege of few. Consent favours the powerful.

@chainofflowers ok, però non bisogna generalizzare... Si può essere indipendenti anche BBBHUAAAH AAHAHHA AHHAHAA
(scusa, stavamo provando a dirlo rimanendo seri)

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