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The ancient gods, reminding us on winter solstice that Darkness doesn't last forever.

Or, a humble double rainbow.

9/11, US imperialism 

9/11 is coming up, which means i'm legally obligated to point out 9/11 here in chile is a different tragedy & also important

the 11th of september is when the chilean right wing (funded by the US gov.) bombed our gov. building, killed our democratically elected socialist president, gutted the welfare state & enacted martial law

followed by 17 years of a violent fascist dictatorship in which at least 3k people died, 40k were victimized and half of the country was traumatized


Au cas où tu aurais encore un doute sur les "priorités" du gouvernement en matière d'éducation, une petite mise au clair

Mature projects have reasons they work the way they do. Sometimes good reasons. Sometimes bad reasons. They must be doing something right or they would be dead.

New contributors have reasons they use their tools. Sometimes it *is* a lack of exposure to other tools. Sometimes it is because their tools are better. Sometimes it's because the "right" tools are fucking hostile pieces of shit that are too painful by far.

Short form:

Have some fucking respect for one another. :flan_thumbs:


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I was notified that @tateisu's Mastodon app "Subway Tooter" has received a warning from the Google Play Store citing user-generated content that "incites discrimination".

A Mastodon app does not host or promote any content. The user types the address to connect to. The responsibility of moderating resides with that server. So unless Google is going to drop Chrome, Firefox and Opera from its platform, this is completely out of line.

Source in Japanese:

Holy crap, google is apparently taking down all/most fediverse apps from google play on the grounds that that some servers in the fediverse engage in hate speech. At least three apps I know of anyway and I'd imagine the others will follow soon under the exact same reasoning.} Seems to be the case with Husky, Fedilab, and "subway" tooter.

this is a scary precedent if google play is going to ban any apps that can in any way be used to access content with hate speech. So what about a forum client, do they take that down just because there is a forum somewhere on the internet posting hate speech?

This is particularly worrisome because for most people Google Play is the only way they understand to install apps at all.

Picture attached of one of the notices received by fedilab.

@fedilab @tateisu #fediverse #mastoadmin #freespeech #censorship

Il Ferragosto sorride col nuovo episodio! Gli scimmioni non leggono Nietzsche 17: Faro d'Agosto.
Buon ascolto e buona anguria!


Die Chefs von Nextcloud und Ionos, und haben an MP #WinfriedKretschmann geschrieben. „Unabhängigkeit und Datensouveränität der Lehrer und Schüler sollten uns allen am Herzen liegen“
Dringend notwendig, den Ministerin #Eisenmann ignoriert dies permanent!


A message from 'Alle Dörfer Bleiben':

In Germany, coal corporation RWE is set to destroy our villages in order to burn the 600 million t of lignite underneath. They want to displace us and trash the climate.
Please share the video & join our struggle for #ClimateJustice and that #AllVillagesRemain!
🌏 🏡 ✊

You can donate via SEPA bank transfer

#AlleDoerferBleiben #Rheinland

Trump will ban TikTok in the US because it is owned by a chinese company. In the future it will matter where services are hosted and who owns the data and the software. #nextcloud

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