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DataKnightmare @dataKnightmare

@gargron I immensely appreciate your notion of "morning" 😍

What was the role of Cambridge Analytica and psychographics in the EU referendum?

Was Britain’s EU referendum hijacked by the American alt-right using a technique known as psychographics?
BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse reports on the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. (Video)


mastodon instance pals, I hope you won't mind if I ask you to take part in a quick straw poll. Please –

♻Boost if you would prefer images on a CW'd post to be marked NSFW by default

🌟Favourite if you'd prefer they stay completely unlinked

thank you!

@NeuroWinter me I'm trying to shed some load, CMSs are a bit bloated these days, I try downgrading to static website+Github :)
Jupyter is awesome. Makes for great class time. And with 40 or so different engines you can teach anhangiage you choose, live

@paolo @enrico aha, quindi NAS o RPi+disco. interessante, me lo devo guardare.

@paolo @enrico ovviamente anche FLOSS è un grosso desiderata.

@paolo @enrico
proton l'avevo sentita per nome, ma non avevo mai indagato. La svizzera non è esattamente UE, ma almeno non è Five Eyes, che è un requisito forte.
Kopano non lo conosco, ma non ho la spalle per gestirmi la mia infrastruttura.
Pagherei volentieri per decentralizzarla. Tipo un nextCloud eccetera

@munin except of course, it didn't, and it will...

@surveyor @maloki you can export then import lists of follows tho. It's already a start

@CobaltVelvet also, as you illustrate, assign proper priorities to priorities. 😉

@NeuroWinter dunno what a Grav server is, but Pis are great for DIY infrastructure. Still cursing on my portable multiuser jupyter server tho. then again, I'm not a super systems guy

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@CobaltVelvet lovely. Now, if only it was a service *not* in a Five Eyes country.