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About 1 day ago we learned that WPA2 has been compromised. Now the patches are out for Linux. Run your software updater now!

11:00, trois cafés, deux karkadés, et pas un centime de boulot produit.
Et merde alors, c'est

did I mention the latest English episode?
The Mother Of All Datagrabs

ehila Mastonauti italofoni, un nuovo episodio di DataKnightmare, stavolta sui furbetti del "libero" mercato!

per chi parla italiano, smontiamo il mito dell'hackathon da faciloni

youpie! C'est lundi ! Allez là Mastosphère !

No, wait...

so it's International Podcast Day an I didn't know?
What a chance to mention the DataKnightmare podcast has a home for both its feeds, Italian and English!

for those looking for free comp-sci & web dev educations, i have links for you:

the OSS Uni is a free curriculum for a compsci equivalent:

looking to dive into web dev? Free Code Camp is AWESOME:

more free web dev stuff:

monster list of free programming ebooks:

and my favorite core compsci book:

#compsci #education

"et c'est tout pour les chiffres romains. Par contre, nos chiffres elles s'appellent..."

"Chiffres italiennes, prof!"


Ah, l'école ! Aujourd'hui une 3eme, deux 4eme, une 5eme. PANT!
(Bonjour la Mastosphère)

Bonne journée les Mastonautes ! Quoi? Lundi ? Eh bien... 😕

American imperialism Show more

Tech companies dont' seem to be able to see beyond people as .
I am so effing disgusted and, frankly, furious at the stupidity of this.