Just learned about the directive here on mastadon. Interesting to see, how to handle the bots here. It might give insights on a better understanding of how to circumvent the general bot phenomena (they're not too complicated, aren't they?).

Wäre es für den ISP tatsächlich günstiger, wenn weniger Traffic generiert werden würde?

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What is microblogging about? Is it about sharing "valuable" information? Is it about chatting and getting in touch with others? With new individuals and their perspectives? When joining Mastadon, some of these questions came up.

"Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland" gestartet.

Größtes Investitionsprogramm seit der Wiedervereinigung / Wanka: "Wir brauchen im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung mehr Hightech-Wachstum in Europa".

Wir brauchen auch Möglichkeiten zur Förderung von sozial- und geisteswissenschaftlichen Forschungsvorhaben, wenn wir Digitalität (über Buzzword-Dropping hinaus) ernst nehmen wollen.


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For everyone confused by the whole federation thing, trying to compare it to Twitter... Forget Twitter. Think e-mail. You can choose between different e-mail providers on different domains or even host your own server instance. Then you can communicate across those instances with other users on them.
No, it doesn't make sense to "claim" your nickname everywhere. Yes, you should choose the server wisely because all your data reside on that server without an easy way to migrate them...

Mal sehen, wie stark sich das Beziehungsnetzwerk hier von dem auf Twitter unterscheiden wird.


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more