About facial recognition, does disguise work? Which ones do work in the pictures below?

To app or not to app? That's the question.

Met de NL-Alert-App kon je iemands locatie achterhalen op ongeveer 10 meter nauwkeurig aan de hand van een uniek identificatienummer. Ideaal voor iemand die u wil stalken.

Heel wat privé firma’s die zich nu aanbieden met Corona apps zijn in de surveillance sector actief. Het valt daarbij op dat ze gerund worden door extreem rechtse figuren zoals Peter Thiel, oprichter van het Amerikaanse datamining bedrijf Palantir.


Social media are useless and harmfull. I decided to measure this hypothesized effect. I finally found a way to do this with participation of the general public. See research concept
Anyway I’m convinced that social media use should be reduced significantly while face to face communication should be promoted. Capacity building to meet face to face is a task for every citizen.

When people narrow their relationships to hierarchical relations they risk to leave a large part of their brains inactive. They become blunt. The reason why hierarchical systems in history did lead to disasters is not only because of the stupidity of autocrats but also because of the brain laziness of their followers no longer practicing reverse dominance hierarchy. To step after a flag is that more easy than maintaining reciprocated relationships of trust and obligation.

Today, Germany's second-largest labor union declared to ask their two million members to join the in September. This is incredible. This is youth and workers uniting behind this crisis. Which union will join next?

Commons ≠ P2P
“A behavioral commitment to theory grounded in empirically inquiry is essential to understand such basic questions as why face-to-face communication so consistently enhances cooperation in social dilemmas or how structural variables facilitate or impede effective collective action” (Elinor Ostrom, 1998, p.1)

The reason why raising hope for “transvestment” is such a fallacy is because of the alarming underinvestment in measures to stop the global warming. The global bond market of 100 trillion dollar contains less then 1% investment in green bonds (OECD, 2019, p.2). Oil Industry is planning investments approaching $1 trillion by 2030, in everything from finding and tapping new fields to equipment ranging from drones to drilling rigs (Bloomberg Businessweek, 02/05/2019).

To ease the vulnerability of contemporary societies, we should not be looking towards a more technologically-advanced, or even a ‘smarter’ world, but a fairer, more egalitarian one. As Ted Steinberg has recently reminded us, natural disasters not only hit the most impoverished populations disproportionately, but their consequences are often far more destructive when institutions and decision-making bodies are skewed to the interests of the wealthy and powerful. (Daniel Curtis, 2012, p. 334)

...a big part of societies’ capacity to withstand and be resilient in the face of environmental and economic crises is connected with equality: not just equality in the distribution of wealth or land (even though this is a big part of it), but an egalitarian distribution of power and involvement in essential decision-making processes, which determine the ways in which society is able to exploit, manage, and care for its resources. (Daniel Curtis, 2012, p. 334) bit.ly/2NNwcZM

Climate change will have the greatest impact on those living in poverty, but also threatens democracy and human rights.
Philip Alston, OHCHR, condemns failure to address impact of climate change on poverty shar.es/a0zNu8

The discovery that my beloved nature reserve, Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen in the West of Ghent once was a common pasture, was a surprise. I never delved into its history during the 40 years walking there. Often we don’t know where we are, though we think we do know. But often it doesn’t matter. These are the best moments.

"Sniff this year’s Bilderberg and you can smell this new kind of war: “cyber threats” and “the weaponisation of social media” are on the agenda. And around the table are the head of GCHQ and the director of NATO’s new StratCom Centre of Excellence, which spearheads “digital engagement” and psychological warfare."

"Silicon Valley in Switzerland: Bilderberg 2019 and the High-Tech Future of Transatlantic Power | Opinion newsweek.com/silicon-valley-sw

FB's claim of no user privacy shouldn't allow them to display *phone & email of MINORS* in IG app. I'm researcher who told IG of 49M user data leak in Feb including minors bit.ly/IG_dataleak . Screenshot of 14 yr old's profile & email addr just days ago. Concerned? Please RT.

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This sums up how we in the rich countries in the global north have been treating the rest of the world. Sweeping all of our dirt and trash under someone else’s carpet.
Now it appears all the space underneath those carpets are full... twitter.com/biindia/status/113

An election day in Ghent, Belgium. We had elections for the European Parliament, for the Belgian Federal Parliament and for the Regional Parliaments (in Flanders, Walonia and Brussels). In Ghent posters of political parties were covered with posters of Extinction Rebellion and Yellow Jackets.

Atos unveils the Top 30 energy consumption of the world’s most popular mobile applications in partnership with startup Greenspector
… the projected annual consumption of mobile applications (excluding the use of datacenters' networks and servers) is equivalent to 20 terawatt hours, almost the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of a country like Ireland (5 million inhabitants).

Social network applications consume up to 4 times more energy


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På fredag strejkar vi för klimatet i över 115 länder.
I Stockholm möts vi i Humlegården 11:30. Sen går vi till Kungsträdgården.
På scen Molly Sandén, Danny Saucedo, Annika Norlin(Säkert!) Jireel, Lamix och Astrid S.
Och massa tal förstås.
Alla är välkomna! #SchoolStrike4Climate

Far-right Facebook groups 'spreading hate to millions in Europe'

“The pages [uncovered by Avaaz] have high levels of interactions. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if there are no interactions,” said Christoph Schott, the groups’s campaign director. “They have over 500 million views just on the pages taken down, that’s more than the number of voters in the EU.”


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Opération nature morte au siège de Bayer-Monsanto

Le mercredi 22 mai à 8h, 70 militant·e·s d'Attac, de la Confédération paysanne, d'Extinction rebellion et de RadiAction ont envahi le hall d'entrée du siège de Bayer-Monsanto France, à La Garenne-Colombes (Île-de-France), pour y installer une scène de chaos environnemental et sanitaire.

Stop impunité des multinationales

Stop impunité,


#Stop_impunité #Climat #Multinationales

Via RSS : http://www.france.attac.org/spip.php?page=backend
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