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I hate the paranoia around trimming trailing whitespace.

I remember a time when people weren't pedantic about it.

It started with Linux kernel devs because of their patches-over-email development method (email lost whitespace)

Then Linus coded that pedantism into Git.

And it spread like wildfire: editors started painting trailing whitespace RED.

Now everyone HATES trailing whitespace and when I ask them why they go blank for a second, then "...because Git and $EDITOR complain about it"

@daniel_bohrer no, that's a first! I'm not very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of email headers


@hisham_hm me neither, I just came around it a while ago, and had to think about this because you mentioned whitespace at the end of a line :)

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@hisham_hm also, since I often check patch files into Git, I have learned to ignore Git's nitpickery about mixing tabs and spaces and whitespace at the end of a line etc.