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@stefanieschulte @jjg Werner Koch isn't a fan of usability either ;-/ That's one of the reasons why GnuPG isn't (and won't be) ready for the masses.

I haven't made up my mind yet myself. But there are nice features, like keybase.pub/ for authenticated file sharing, IIRC.

BTW: securitymastod.one asks for keybase credentials:

@stefanieschulte @jjg take a look at keybase.io for an alternative key discovery tool.

The classic key servers suck (and have been misdesigned from the start, IMO).

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remember: mastodon is as good as we make it, so if you want to read interesting things whenever you come here, start posting interesting things yourself and start interacting with interesting people.

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@oliof @dredmorbius @gideonro @Jawoodward @dredmorbius I tend to ignore all those pesky apps meanwhile. Because browsers are more flexible (bookmarking, cut/copy/paste of relevant text, rarely possible in most apps), multiple tabs (on tablets too, not just on desktops) and most apps tend to be too nosy anyway.

@dredmorbius the same holds for battlefield AI. Just don't do it.

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"technological capabilities cannot distinguish based on morality, nationality, or legality..."

-- Bruce Schneier, 2015


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Via randomtextgenerator.com/

@kensanata really cute (bookmarked ;-), but I wouldn't call this a "generator" ... Maybe a "chaotifier" ;-)

Here's a generator from my collection of generators: randomtextgenerator.com/

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A story Google should read very carefully in regard of G+. They are about to enter the same tailspin....


/cc @gideonro

@abgd I know. Now go and tell me, how my text snippet contains more than 500 chars, so that -33 chars have been left?

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Was mir hier als Google+-Nutzer als erstes fehlt, ist, dass man seine Kontakte nicht in "Kreisen" verteilen kann. Dabei wäre am Bildschirm hier sogar Platz dafür, mehrere Kreise nebeneinander anzuzeigen.

@BerndPaysan ja, zum Lesen nach unterschiedlichen Kategorien wäre mir das auch recht. Du kannst das simulieren, indem Du Dich in verschiedenen Instanzen registrierst und dort dann jeweils unterschiedliche Gruppen "abonnierst". Lesend habe ich das schon ausprobiert, das geht ganz gut. Wenn Dir dann allerdings jemand durch all diese "multiplen Identitäten" folgen will, wird das wieder lästig (für die andere Seite).

@ocdtrekkie @gideonro as for this IMHO rather irrational fear that AIs might want to kill us, I definitely suggest to watch Maciej Ceglowski's keynote talk "Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People" at

AIs possibly would try to kill us, if they where created for and by the industrial/military complex, whose monetary interest might be to create such things.

@gideonro it's not just an "AI problem" but a technology problem, IMO.

We often aren't able to explain why various complex programs (high speed trading, control of nuclear reactors, real time statistics based stuff) do what they are doing. Sometimes with hindsight, after something went wrong (Chernobyl , again).

@OldandConfused I don't see a large problem here: you can delete your toots, you can change your credentials and then you are as good as gone.

Deleting a large number of toots should be possible via the API (didn't try deleting from there yet) but actually, if you posted here, it's public. So think before tooting wouldn't be badadvice, even if you could delete an account.