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Maciej Cegłowski : Who Will Command the Robot Armies?


Are you using Postgres? Then you might want to take a look at the
"PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook" whose ebook version is freely available today at packtpub.com/packt/offers/free

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The decline of #Livejournal is an important lesson about user #privacy on sites. Sure the site might be friendly today, but they might be bought out later and the new owners have all your old data.

There's a chance some Russian #LGBT people organised & hung out on #LJ 15 years ago, and now all that data is available to #Russia today 😨

These tech companies are keeping all our data forever (to make money), and it's a bad thing.

Remembering Marvin Minsky

Regarding recent AI discussions:
edge.org/conversation/marvin_m and edge.org/conversation/marvin_m with lots of comments on him by other luminaries of our time.

Spam-Beobachtung: Wenn man auf einem eigenen Server eine Email-Adresse <jc.szwe@example.com> hat und diese nur mal für ein Probe-Abo der "SZ am Wochenende" nutzte, jetzt aber dort eine "Werbe-Aktion" der "Brackmann Media & Data Limited" (@newsdialog.de) landet, was ist dann passiert?

Nun, entweder hat jemand Adressen bei der SZ geklaut, oder die SZ hat diese Adresse verkauft. Beides macht überhaupt keinen guten Eindruck, liebe SZ. Jetzt wird die Adresse halt gesperrt und Emails dorthin bouncen.

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Robert Pirsig Reveals the Personal Journey That Led Him to Write His Counterculture Classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974)

RIP Phaedrus

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remember: mastodon is as good as we make it, so if you want to read interesting things whenever you come here, start posting interesting things yourself and start interacting with interesting people.

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"technological capabilities cannot distinguish based on morality, nationality, or legality..."

-- Bruce Schneier, 2015


Elle mais bles eue ces paix cime aime. Propager reposoir ca me fenetres jeunesse on on trouvent derniere. Ai en qu un primeveres petitement bouquetins sanctifier. Nez violets sur regarde elancer toi adultes car drapent sentent. Entourage orientaux miserable du on je demeurent. Rebord arches six mur aux essaim. Polies intime or chemin regard forces furent au. Casernes tacherai cavalier roc ans treillis promptes reparler.

Via randomtextgenerator.com/

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A story Google should read very carefully in regard of G+. They are about to enter the same tailspin....


/cc @gideonro

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Was mir hier als Google+-Nutzer als erstes fehlt, ist, dass man seine Kontakte nicht in "Kreisen" verteilen kann. Dabei wäre am Bildschirm hier sogar Platz dafür, mehrere Kreise nebeneinander anzuzeigen.

Metabene: "Ich wünschte, alles ergäbe einen Sinn." ... "Bitte nicht alles."

Excellent statement from Stephen Colbert, funny and serious at the same time:


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I just enjoyed "Ghost in The Shell" from "ssh ghost@theshell.xyz" @gideonro

Interesting: if I "favorite" someones toot, s/he gets a "plop" message and a notification in its stream. If I remove the "favorite" again, nothing happens on the receiver's side.

So one can "favorite" certain toots and sometime later still do a "cleanup" so the favorites column only contains stuff for later perusal.