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by "only thing on tv" I'm intentionally referring to the web, albeit the web using Flash.

Kind of weird to see a new good Homestar Runner, and it "only" has 69k views...

I feel old. When I was in college HSR was "the only thing on tv" as in terms of an independently produced source of animated content. Everyone I knew quoted Strongbad Emails all the time. Trogdor especially, of course. It was huge.

Times have changed... probably most of the people who remember HSR fondly are in their late 20s or early to mid 30s. Oh well... lots of other stuff out there now...


This is super good

@jk eeeeek

They built the entire Jigsaw movie franchise around choices like this

genetic engineering 

genetic engineering 

Note that this was done in a relatively short time with foxes, see the Domesticated Silver Fox

They had to kill a lot of foxes to "evolve" them in such a short period of time though..

Imagine a world where raccoons were domesticated instead of wolves and we got the raccoon equivalent of a dog

@balrogboogie @craigmaloney There's also the JSON API version

{"string": [{"character": "f"}, {"character": "u"}, {"character": "c"}, {"character": "k"}, {"character": " "}, {"character": "t"}, {"character": "h"}, {"character": "a"}, {"character": "t"}, {"character": " "}, {"character": "s"}, {"character": "h"}, {"character": "i"}, {"character": "t"}]}

what's the word when you hear someone say a phrase aloud like "and we can see they're #engaging with the #content" and you can just *hear* the hashtags

(spicy) food 

(spicy) food 

@grainloom @tindall The modern Jargon File also has the flaw that it's been solely edited for several decades by an asshole. I fully support somebody else taking over that work, even if their tech isn't great at first.

Linked Data Capabilities has been accepted as a work item of the W3C Credentials Community Group! \o/

@mala there's almost certainly some kind of functional programming fedora you can now have, but can't mutate

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