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I'm out of hacking/documentation energy for the day. I got good structure in place for the docs, but not much of the actual doc writing yet. Still important though; if you don't have the right structure it won't be a clear narrative. I probably do overthink it, though.

I'm back! And with a good outline for the Crystal documentation. I think this is gonna be good.

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Free speech is a good thing. It allows people to express their views without fear.

Freeze Peach, which is what these folks are after, is the ability to be offensive or incite hatred while you're not allowed to complain about it.

@cwebber @AceNovo @PhilthePill I'm still working on a "What is ActivityDesk" post in my coming Patreon post but tl;dr: desktop landscape of social Web is being overlooked IMO and I wanna invest more in it

Ok going offline to write, write, write. Probably shouldn't be too long; the hard thing is to get the structure and the words flowing.

@brennen @cwebber @brainblasted @catonano In the US in the past the free speech battle was mainly from the left in terms of anti-communism and also suppression of protest against the draft during the Vietnam war. Communists, union organizers or even anyone suspected of holding vague left wing sympathies was removed from official positions and from the entertainment industry and anything which looked like left wing talk was removed from newspapers and magazines.

So the ability to speak and organize in public is pretty important, but this is not really what the far right are up to. They know that "free speech" is a weakness, especially in the academic environment where people are very tolerant of unconventional ideas. They know that by using this they can create shock and fear and most importantly shut down any oppositional counterspeech. Once people are in a psychological state of fear they will no longer criticize the regime and be too scared to organize in public, and that's the environment in which right wing authoritarianism thrives. The blueprint is that they always use a combination of scapegoating hate speech combined with shocking acts of violence publicized as widely as possible.

Time to make lunch, then it's time to go offline and write this documentation.

@nev @brainblasted @catonano I agree that such communities try to use it as a dog whistle, but I think there are reasons to defend the principle, but the way white supremacists are using it *isn't* within the principle, which needs to be called out.

Some of the most important aspects of freedom of speech are also the freedom to filter and the right/responsibility to call someone an asshole, which many don't get... "you can't say that, it's their freedom of speech". Yeah I can; this is mine.

@cwebber @nev @brainblasted @catonano The claims on "free speech" by the far right were never honest and for them it's not even a new tactic. They're just reheating the rhetoric of the 1930s and deploying it in a modern context.

@nev @brainblasted @catonano This is really important IMO. Look at how Trump has expressed over and over that he'd love to see journalists punished and threatened. As bad as things are now, the only thing that's holding him back from that (and he would love to do it) is our tradition of freedom of speech and integrity in this culture. Nobody benefits from lack of freedom of speech more than a fascist.

Call white supremacists liars. They don't want freedom of speech, and we know it.

@nev @brainblasted @catonano White supremacists have *no interest* in actual freedom of speech; they're lying, and we should call them liars. Look at how differently they respond when they say something "controvercial" vs when someone says something they don't like. They'll claim they can say anything *unchallenged*, anywhere, because of freedom of speech (false), but threaten violence against those they disagree with.

@brainblasted @catonano Co-option of the term "free speech" scares me when by those who want to be allowed themselves to speak on all platforms but who are are more than willing to threaten people who speak in ways that they believe are oppositional to their own views. So-called FSEs are not consistent, and it's ok and even good for communities to define their own boundaries.

The muddying of the waters is also dangerous because free speech is one of the few defenses against fascism we have.

> ZombieLoad Attacks May Affect All Intel CPUs Since 2011: What to Do Now

Haha joke's on you, my computer is too old to be a zombie

but, tbh, I should probably hold off on such a bikeshed until after I get out this demo.

The two worst names in Spritely currently are "magenc" (immutable encrypted storage) and "crystal" (mutable encrypted storage), the former because it sounds terrible (and precedes the Spritely convention of hack-and-slash-rpg-tropes), the latter because of name collisions (but hey, using that convention means there will be some collisions by definition).

I'm vaguely thinking of renaming them to "chest" (Content Hashed and Encrypted for Storage and Transmission) and "boh" (bag of holding)?

Helpful phrases to learn:

"I don't know the answer to that. Let's find out."

"Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks!"

"I was wrong."

"I've thought about what you said and I've changed my mind as a result."

Not only are these phrases useful, they also make you a better person!

In a weird "me day" coincidence, the LibreLounge episode where I talk with @cwebber and @emacsen about FOSS community development, is also available!

I'm pretty tired at this point and I guess it's day's end. What to do now? Lots of options...

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