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@aral I have serious criticisms of Google and Facebook myself. However, I don't agree with your criticism of Conservancy/Copyleft Conf. Conservancy has actually lost a lot of money over the years because it has stuck to its principles when sponsors preferred that it do something different (eg drop copyleft enforcement). That's one reason they started doing community fundraising drives, because they wouldn't have had the money to keep going otherwise *because* they stuck to their principles.

@aral I certainly agree with criticisms of surveillance capitalist organizations. However there is another problem: the commons is frequently exploited by large corporations that take and take and take from FOSS and don't give back.

If a company is willing to give some money to support free software orgs, no strings attached other than their name appearing on the site, I think that's something we should encourage *more* of. Many companies are taking and not giving, and that sucks.

*plugs usb cable into ethernet jack* "why doesn't this work, why is this cable so loose"


Had a dream that @RISCi_ATOM made and I enthusiastically used an oldschool RISC-V powered PDA-like device designed to be a thin, auditable on the go hacking terminal for the paranoid hacker.

It could also connect to the GameBoy Printer for whatever reason.

I'm going to be at FOSDEM (speaking on an ActivityPub panel and giving a talk on Racket from a Guiler's perspective) and at the upcoming IndieWebCamp beforehand and the Copyleft conference afterwards. If you want to see me and you live abroad'ish, this may be your last chance. I get too much travel anxiety and I'm trying to cut down.

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