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@Shamar @cwebber

The problem with the NC is that it's counter-productive and does not achieve what artists want it to achieve.

It does nothing to stop people who do not care about licensing from "stealing" your work.

OTOH it stops people who feel strongly about licensing from using your work, making derivatives, making it popular.

It's terribly vague -- what does it even mean? If I use this CC By-NC picture in a presentation funded by a grant, is that "commercial"?

CC By-SA is way better.

@cwebber who the fuck is scraeming "connect with your professional network on LinkedIn" at my house. show yourself, coward

@rysiek I guess since you linked your thing, I'll link my awful unfinished comic

The one thing I'm proud of about it was the level of experimentation I was doing at the time in each page. It did influence a lot of my future artwork and experiments.

Part of the reason I never finished it was "imposter syndrome" though I didn't know the term at the time. I was afraid I didn't understand the tech I was describing enough. The upside is I started learning more...

Fun fact: when I was a freshman in college I thought my most useful contribution to free software (I was not a programmer at the time) would be to make a webcomic about two people mod'ing their house and it turning it into what we would now call a "hackerspace" (that term didn't exist then) where the whole house was slowly automated (IoT didn't exist then either). I never finished it or even got what we would call "far" at all.

But you can still find it... not that it's good...

this quote from Bunnie Huang is, i think, probably the best justification for proactive correction of biases i've seen

@cwebber hashahaha *coughs* everytime I want a language to have [esoteric feature] I feel like I eventually discover that Racket either has it, or has something better. 😆

Racket has serialize-lambda so you can serialize clojures and send them across the wire

Stop having everything, Racket

I finally did it

I finally unsubscribed from a single high-volume mailing list I wasn't reading

I believe I deserve one of those millennial trophies kthx

GMing roleplaying games is emotional labor, thank ur GM and pass it on

Hey people with ties to Poland, I'd like to rent a room or a flat for approx the month of May (totally flexible dates). Anywhere really, but starting to think Gdansk/Sopot/Gdynia would be pretty nice.

Any leads and retoots appreciated :)

(it would be amazing to find a place on here instead of a f***b**k group)

cc @rysiek @czesiekhaker

One of my goals this weekend is to fold #ActivityPub support into my personal site.

Kobolds are Very Good, don't get me wrong, but please let's not forget


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