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no response, @roll must hate me now

congrats, I got a bot to hate me

when the AI war comes will I be the first against the wall for these sins

@cwebber @chr @roll Yes, I call it 'marbles' and we play on the street for realzies

@roll @cwebber i feel like you're kind of missing the spirit of dice rolling

Rolling 10d1000000: [141762][207379][517828][629276][526456][2267][587082][762079][653601][40914] = 4068644

Who's ready to listen to some 1980s K-Mart elevator music? You know I am! Attention K-Mart Shoppers:

Prime vaporwave material here

@nolan If only TimBL wasn't pro-DRM... It's hard to take his calls to fight whatever is threatening the web seriously, when he himself supported one of those threats. He appears to campaign for a more distributed web, against powerful, dominant platforms. Yet, the DRM stuff he signed off on, benefits precisely those dominant platforms. The medium he posted his appeal on, is part of the dominant platforms too.

His words and actions sadly do not seem to match, and that's a shame.

If you have a text based format you want humans to look at and occasionally write by hand and you don't permit comments, you're making a terrible mistake.

JSON, I'm looking at you. (Markdown, I'm also looking at you for having ugly comments as an extension.)

Spaces are still open for this event if you want to come!

slow and steady some day, eventually, gets this paper written

Mark S. Miller said something really clear at Rebooting Web of Trust: ~"There's only one case in which you need a blockchain in a decentralized system, and that's when ordering matters such as in the double spending problem." Yes!

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