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i just bought a humble bundle full of functional programming books which means i am very learned now

GNU Linux-libre 4.14.19-gnu and 4.9.81-gnu source tarballs and patches are now available

I missed Pizza day and Avocado day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I'm on time on Pancake Day! So Happy Pancake Day!

#Dog #furry #gif #animation #pancake #art

This some class A BS. Not only are they disrespecting the user but they're also using their computing resources to mine bitcoins.

"Outreachy is a paid, remote internship program that helps people traditionally underrepresented in tech make their first contributions to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) communities." Apply soon!

It's fun to sometimes encounter new packages by looking at recent guix commits. I'm amused by this one:

(define-public badass
(name "badass")
(synopsis "Hacking contribution graphs in git")
"Badass generates false commits for a range of dates, essentially
hacking the gamification of contribution graphs on platforms such as
Github or Gitlab.")
(home-page "") ...)))


Yess! Or a hardware tutorial that says "solder this down here!

Oh but don't *actually* do that because everything breaks when you do that & then you'll have to order a whole new board, so instead do this..." 😩

TFW you do an example from the tutorial and it keeps !@$%'ing erroring and you keep trying to figure out what you did wrong

then you read one more line forward and it says "surprisingly this errors and here's why"

I accidentally almost signed an email with "Thanks for reaching out?" instead of "Thanks for reaching out!"

I caught it right before I sent it, but it's amazing how much difference one character can make in meaning.

Guix is officially participating in Outreachy:

Are you an underrepresented person in tech? Guix is a cool project with a great community, and Outreachy is a great program to participate through. Spend your summer hacking on and learning about lisp/scheme, functional package management, and more!

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My D&D dice bag design, a sleeping dragon on its hoard of golden treasure, is up for voting on fanforge! Please help it get produced by giving it 5 stars and a comment! #critters #criticalrole #dnd

Levar Burton Reads is a great podcast. We just listened to "The Truth About Owls", which I highly recommend. Morgan: "That man's voice is a national treasure."

remember when I had a computer with working opengl
those were the days

(Don't reply with this telling me to not use github then or why it's nonfree; I'd like to but life is complicated and thanks I already know)

How did I get subscribed to so many projects with so many notifications on github

I don't even *like* github

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