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**Grumble, grumble**. DRM proponents. **Grumble grumble**

I'm now hosting my own Gogs instance at

This is really very exciting, especially because it was soooo easy to set up.


As many of you know for the past year I've been an active activist working with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to combat ICE actions and worker abuse in Western Massachusetts. This is the organization I got arrested with blocking the ICE office expansion!

It's our end-of-year fundraising campaign to raise our general operating funds. If you've ever wanted to support me then please support the PVWC! Donate at the link below!

BTW if you like the work I'm doing on things like ActivityPub, maybe consider joining

To be clear: I'm not in a financial danger, I do have income from contracting, and I love my clients. However, I more or less paid for most of ActivityPub's specification work myself, and prioritizing community things is easier when I have to worry about contracting less.

Thanks everyone who's supporting already :)

December 5, 2017

ActivityPub is now a w3c Proposed Recommendation


Oh btw, since there's a publishing moratorium due to Holidaze (TM) move to Recommendation won't happen until early 2018. Santa will hopefully come late this year. ;)

ActivityPub made it to Proposed Recommendation! Woooo!
Now we just need to wait on member vote + management to find out if we make it to Recommendation!

I should make some blogposts! But first I'm gonna shower, attend some standards meetings ;P

@technomancy a few years ago I was so inundated with so much Silicon Valley news/hyperbole, I convinced myself I *needed* to know DevOps, and starting spinning up AWS services left and right.

I regret knowing so much, and comparing other services to it, and it really hasn't helped me in any way that improved my or my community's lives.

But the most important lesson: Silicon Valley Kool-aid is strong, and throws great parties. Everyone partying until the comet arrives...

In a software world that isn't dominated by VC money, I wonder how valuable it is to have expertise with EC2. The whole idea of being able to spin up a ton of new compute capacity on demand is cool and makes one feel powerful, but it doesn't seem to have much overlap with solving problems actual humans have.

Adopting my wife's last name as part of my name because I'm sick of name collisions. I'm now Christopher Lemmer Webber.

(the collisions with and were particularly common)

@Technowix @cwebber @paolo I found the main issue was with toots-stats recording: the dataset was really huge and slowing the whole database.

Eventually, I had to completely delete toot-related statistics, which makes me sad, but the most used stats are those about instances anyway.

Everything should be back to normal after the next data fetch on midnight (EST).

Sorry for the trouble !

@elomatreb @benhamill @ckeen @cwebber It's open source. It supports RSA and ECC with standard curves. Their symmetric algorithm is AES-256-GCM. They are currently working on including post-quantum algorithms.

We really need to get this syntax ported to Skribilo!

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