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SocialCG minutes up. We spent most of it talking about decentralized anti-abuse tooling!

Another whitepaper I (co-)wrote for Rebooting Web of Trust: Smarm: Requirements for a smart-signatures Scheme

Scheme is a literal Scheme here with pure-lexically-scoped-object-capabilities as a language layer for doing smart signatures/contracts.

SocialCG meeting topics for tomorrow: mediaUpload, follower migration, anti-abuse tooling, extensions publishing!

I keep getting nerd-sniped by people in the Rebooting Web of Trust community. Too many interesting problems!

Didn't hear about this before! Having SICP in info format makes so much sense.

Too bad the screenshot is using inferior-scheme rather than geiser. :-)


@BryanLunduke @bob @colomar @Angle

Easy. You basically misused the transitive property, ascribed a small portion of RiseUp's userbase and designated that group as the main cohort.

That's like finding a bunch of radical terrorist blogs self-hosting on the Wordpress platform and calling Wordpress the ISIS Blog Platform.

@bryanlunduke @angle @colomar I don't really want to get into a flamewar about this because I don't have a RiseUp account and I have other things to occupy mindspace right now, but really you should have done more research on this. Try to get someone associated with RiseUp on the show, or at least someone who has an account, to explain what it's about.

Think about why activists might not all want to be on Gmail. Google, Facebook, etc, also do plenty of political stuff.

So, given that the NSA exists, and can be considered to have hypervisor root to all US clouds, and that some extremely *motivated* forces on the US far right with access to the White House would love to have the NSA's capability (as yet they don't - but I expect eventually they'll get that)...

... the world is in the position of actual Nazis and just plain ruthless people having at least read access to *all* corporate clouds.

Expect this. Understand it. Imagine what it means.


@cwebber That would be one clever attack. Especially in the case of cryptocurrency wallets, if you present a wallet's private key as a hash with transposed digits, you could be sending funds elsewhere very easily.

Has anyone done any attacks that trick users by loading a font in their browser that transposes some characters? Seems like a risk somewhere

@ng0 @cwebber Imagine covering an area literally 23x the size of Germany with an often-antagonistic government re trains. In certain parts of the country trains work fairly well but they in a narrow niche everywhere else. (I'm very thankful I live at the edge of one of those working-well areas!)

TRAIN UPDATE: Lots of retirees really like trains too IME, spend a lot of their year traveling around on trains as train-vacations

maybe this will be me some day

TRAIN UPDATE: rustic small town on one side and another train passing on the other

Only sad bits of train so far is dining cart ran out of vegetarian food so I had to get stuff from the cafe cart instead (first world train problems) and I accidentally dented my thermos, but you can't blame the train for that one

Overall, still an A+ train ride

TRAIN UPDATE: Slept well (took advantage of $10 pack containing blanket / pillow / earplugs / sleeping mask since I didn't have those); now watching sunrise

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