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Christopher Lemmer Webber

@chr @grainloom But only from your perspective. Their votes would still count within their own communities. This avoids the problem of a toxic culture overtaking a large subreddit, without having to shunt users into more specialized opt-in communities.

@grainloom @chr yeah, niche subreddits with communities that organize mainly outside of Reddit itself are usually fine, but we know what happens to the general population.

I'm waiting for mastodon to get enough people to start working on a federated Reddit clone that uses idk homomorphic encryption or CRDTs for decentralized voting with vote totals computed per user. Don't like the community on a particular instance? Their votes don't count anymore.

@cwebber awww, I really want to do #allyourbase jokes all day now. Thanks for reminding me that was a thing! ^_^

Oh no "Invasion of the Gabber Robots" (aka "All Your Base Are Belong to Us") is as old as some of the people on my timeline now huh

Honestly I often wish we had something as cool as CLIM in Guile. My first impressions of looking at McCLIM were "this is butt ugly". But the very idea of being able to let every object in your system describe how it should be rendered and then omg even interacted with and then omg now you're building full GUIs live... well that's a tantalizing idea.

I can't help thing maybe something like that but maybe with FRP instead could be built.

Not gonna work on it, but I do think about it

Sorry I can't consume messages over ActivityPork because I am vegetarian

@szbalint @algernon
- Fresh off the standards press (in fact still going through final stages). Started also by Evan Prodromou to address perceived shortcomings of OStatus
- public and private ("direct to inbox") delivery, uses email-style addressing
- handles the federation protocol itself, but relies on ActivityStreams for vocabulary and json-ld for serialization
- publicly a JSON system, sekretly a linked data system

@algernon @szbalint Incomplete overview, corrections welcome:

- Long-established, designed originally by Evan Prodromou & co. for StatusNet (which is now GNU Social)
- mostly aimed at public-centric social sites
- a "meta-protocol" which is more about tying together mutliple existing protocols than being its own protocol
- about 10 years old at this point?
- Atom and ActivityStreams XML as its format

@cwebber ActivityPup was making the rounds this morning, which is even better

That's a good name for an AP implementation if you're looking for one IMO

My age is best described as "sees a birth date dropdown, lets the mouse wheel scroll randomly, presses submit"