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Christopher Lemmer Webber

Honestly I often wish we had something as cool as CLIM in Guile. My first impressions of looking at McCLIM were "this is butt ugly". But the very idea of being able to let every object in your system describe how it should be rendered and then omg even interacted with and then omg now you're building full GUIs live... well that's a tantalizing idea.

I can't help thing maybe something like that but maybe with FRP instead could be built.

Not gonna work on it, but I do think about it

Sorry I can't consume messages over ActivityPork because I am vegetarian

@szbalint @algernon
- Fresh off the standards press (in fact still going through final stages). Started also by Evan Prodromou to address perceived shortcomings of OStatus
- public and private ("direct to inbox") delivery, uses email-style addressing
- handles the federation protocol itself, but relies on ActivityStreams for vocabulary and json-ld for serialization
- publicly a JSON system, sekretly a linked data system

@algernon @szbalint Incomplete overview, corrections welcome:

- Long-established, designed originally by Evan Prodromou & co. for StatusNet (which is now GNU Social)
- mostly aimed at public-centric social sites
- a "meta-protocol" which is more about tying together mutliple existing protocols than being its own protocol
- about 10 years old at this point?
- Atom and ActivityStreams XML as its format

@cwebber ActivityPup was making the rounds this morning, which is even better

That's a good name for an AP implementation if you're looking for one IMO

My age is best described as "sees a birth date dropdown, lets the mouse wheel scroll randomly, presses submit"

BTW, @gargron @mmn and I had talked about making a "joint statement" along these lines a few days ago when hostility between "the federation camps" seemed at its peak.

If the lead dev of GNU Social, the lead dev of Mastodon, and a co-editor of ActivityPub don't want to see open hostility and fighting over this, that should be a good sign to you that this is not a "war" of any kind.

Let's work together, and at the very least, be the best person *we* can in open dialogue. Assume good faith.

@mmn @heluecht @gargron

I'm cwebber, co-editor of ActivityPub. I believe in cooperation on the federated social web over hostility. I value the contributions of the whole fediverse, including and especially all the work done on OStatus. Even when we do not agree on a technical direction, we can gain a lot by communicating and trying to solve our common problems together. I hope we can unite the fediverse, and if not, I hope we can always foster constructive dialogue.

@oxenfree @cybermeow @elizafox @cyberpotato @cajun @thatbrickster @lain @heluecht

Hi, I'm @mmn, maintainer of GNUsocial. I reacted when it was written that "many people on gnusocial are angry" and wish to say that !GNUsocial has only love and appreciation for #Mastodon and #ActivityPub.

I believe cooperation is important for libre software and the federated social web. I believe our plural and diverse community should embrace and encourage contributors and development. Any progress we want to make - regardless of anyone's preferred technology - is impeded by hostility and empowered by friendship.

So I want to say thank @cwebber @gargron et al. for all the hard work you actively put into ActivityPub. It's awesome that so many users get in touch with !fs via open protocols.

Inspiring! From The Guardian: "The cleanup operation is under way across the Caribbean. One organisation that is trying to help is the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team which compiles open sourced maps of disaster zones. So far they’ve mapped 150,000 homes affected by the storm and their information is being used by The Dutch red Cross and Map Action to determine what needs to be done. They’re also on the case for the Mexican earthquake and Bangladesh floods."