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Someone hire a lawyer to clear the way for this "The Sampsons" napkin comic by Bill Amend (of the comic Foxtrot) to be turned into a full series

I mean the thing is I AM an FP weenie but not Good Enough apparently

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since, as we all know, the path to every transgirl's heart is mechanical keyboards

"Seems to be another example of gender-affirming sexism" -- @mlemweb

Holy shit an ocap OS written in prescheme!

Oh my god look at the whitepapers and references page, it's ALL THE RIGHT THINGS

@cwebber Hey, Voice, maybe *you're* the one who's annoying.

dear voice that's always telling me that everyone's always annoyed with me because I'm annoying, would you shut up please?
-- kthx, Christine

@loke likewise the description of empathy in I Am A Strange Loop as your internal emulator of other people that becomes more fine grained as you come to know them more, until they become part of your own mental processes

@cwebber Oh, that makes sense. 🙂

I wonder if there are any good examples of cases where some common process is explained using a CS analogy which would make sense to us, but the exact same analogy would work in the reverse direction in order to explain a CS concept to a non-computer person?

@cwebber Am I strange for actually finding the use of pointer in the description to be quite enlightening?

> JK Rowling is Elon Musk for cis women, in the same way that Joe Rogan is Oprah for cis men

@liberachat thank you to the chat network that wins the award for "fastest fork to be justified given the actions of the maintainer of the thing it forked, wow, holy shit, wow what the fuck"

Libera is a year old. Thanks for supporting us, because it's been a pleasure supporting you.

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