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everyone's always complaining about how much they hate computers but I love them, I love computers

the things mostly dislike about computers come from a feeling of disempowerment. but computers can be very empowering, if we let them, if we make that a priority

Well that's new. Just got an unsolicited spam email about Kubernetes hosting.

The #Guix reference card got an update!

Now features ‘guix shell’, ‘guix home’, and more.

The person who was setting up a conference session to discuss #Linux maintainer overwork and ways to address it couldn’t attend due to… burnout:

I can very much relate to the account of what their daily life looks like.

#FreeSoftware #maintainership

New #Scheme impl benchmarks!

Speed isn't everything, but it's high on the list of reasons to use Scheme at all. I still like Gauche for scripting because it's so portable.

Chibi, the "standards compliant" one, is laughably slow. Sub Python slow. Get out and push slow.

“Using Alpine can make Python Docker builds 50× slower”

The title could have been “pre-built binaries such as ‘wheels’ aren’t portable”, but that’s nothing new.

(HT to zimoun)

This Docker/pip/wheel story is a prime example of piling layer on top of layer, completely losing sight of the implications, just to eventually add another layer or two to address emerging problems.

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I was actually blissfully ignorant of the magnitude of the hack that wheels are until recently:

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Okay so I finally wrote this thing about the RISC-V support in GCC 4.6.4 (yes, old gcc).

I think I have it working and I'm going to leave it like this. In the near future I'll test it and try to compile more complex programs until I reach the bootstrapping goal I'm looking for: compiling a recent GCC from this.

If you want to read about it, use the link below.

I have to say this time it have been extremely difficult for me, but life is hard sometimes.

The only thing worse than a get-rich-quick-scheme is a get-rich-quick-programming-paradigm.

This is the ideal network security. You may not like it but this is what peak security looks like.

*plants lattice in garden*
"I think I've learned a thing or two of these thanks to reading computer science papers"

*attempts to climb lattice, resulting in breaking lattice and self*

"Computer science why have you failed me???"

@cwebber Oh, that's good. I don't totally agree with all of them, but with some it is "oh yes!", with some I agree, and all are at least food for thought.

The Unicode Consortium, 2010: oh god let’s not get sued by Taito

The Unicode Consortium, 2015: still don’t want to get sued by Taito

The Unicode Consortium, 2017: ehhh Taito have tweeted it so we’re probably in the clear

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thinking about the Unicode 6.0 and Unicode 14.0 standards' depictions of U+1F47E 👾 alien monster

Thanks to @aeva for pointing out that nobody really knows whether or not Grimes and Manning are dating, and that Manning very fairly said she wants to keep her private life private.

Regardless, this is one of the best posts ever on the birdsite:

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