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I never met Aaron afaik. However many of my friends were very close to him.
I do think that Aaron would want his name and actions to be used in a way to fight for the freedoms he did, but he shouldn't have had to die for it, and I'm sensitive to how painful it is for loved ones.

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Remembering Aaron Swartz, who died on this day, a victim of the copyright system

By @glynmoody

Aaron's face gets thrown around the internet to prop up campaigns and etc, but it's important to remember that Aaron was an activist for digital rights, and was bullied into suicide by a system that wanted to punish him for his activism. He was also a human being with friends and family who loved him dearly.

@cwebber @fraggle hit the power line with that, explain to the power company why you launch a flying paper towel roll at their tower

less productive than usual this morning but let's see how much progress I can make before my upcoming meetings

I can get pretty snarky on the internet sometimes, but I think my better writing is when I'm more thoughtful, less snarky

Fun to revisit this piece that was a collaboration between @ladyaeva and myself (the original tune was hers, this is just my rendition): "Toy Goblins Wind Down Till Their Death"

Less chip:
No chip:

transition, voice, progress! 

I've felt for a while like the one thing that wasn't going anywhere in my intro was my voice. But yesterday @mlemweb and I recorded a new @fossandcrafts outro to reflect the change in my name and wow, these really sound different:

Granted, I'm being somewhat conscious of my voice in the new recording but it feels like something I can do and be happy with.

Back in November, @cwebber and I gave a keynote at @SeaGL where we discussed how our interdisciplinary backgrounds shaped the way we approach our FOSS activism. Since we haven't directly covered that topic yet on @fossandcrafts
we're re-releasing it for this week's episode!

You can also watch the video of the talk with slides here:

The three hardest problems in computer science:

- Doing lots of things at the same time *but still in the correct sequence*

- Doing slow calculations no more often than necessary, but also no *less* often than necessary

- Quotation

Episode 40: Interdisciplinarity and FOSS (SeaGL Keynote)

The audio of @mlemweb and @cwebber's keynote for SeaGL 2021 about how many kinds of backgrounds woven together strengthen FOSS communities!

@cody @cwebber that's exactly my huge worry. There's been a whole separate thread about this. First people buy into this bullshit, then they get aggrevated that others can just right-click-save anyway (thus "stealing their investment"), then they *demand* that that "problem" is fixed. All because they were led to believe things work in a way they simply don't. So suddenly they demand regulation to force technology to work the way they want.

@cwebber @rysiek I hadn’t ever thought about it from that angle. There could even be some sort of RIAAesque entity to protect interests of NFT holders against right-clicking “pirates,” seeking $1MM+ in damages. Bright future!

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