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Last week:
Me: "Here's a pile of things to do. This will take you at least all week"
*one day passes*
@tsyesika: "I did all of them what now"
Me: "... no way, uh..."

Hack & Craft in a little less than four hours!

Hm, I think I'm going to work on sketching some creatures or just doing some Spritely coding, but I'm not sure which! Looking forward to seeing what others are working on!

Oh wow! The third weekend of November snuck up on me! That means that we're hosting another Hack & Craft event tomorrow at 14:00-16:00 EDT (**19:00-21:00 UTC)

I hope to see you there as we talk about FOSS and work on some crafts!

** Note: The daylight savings time switch happened since the last H&C and we're going by EDT, so make sure you account for that when figuring out your local time! **

Here's a (non-exhaustive) reference timetable:

definitely a good idea to issue *zero* punishment and encourage more right wing goon squad murderers across the country.

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the result of checking the news right now 

*checks news*



what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

emacs-forge is one of those tools that increases productivity so dramatically that it's like, omg, I wish I had picked this up ages ago. And its integration with magit is fantastic.

I think I've thrown what took me about 3 years of ocap knowledge to acquire at @tsyesika in 2.5 weeks and she's absorbed pretty much all of it *AND* has been getting a bunch of useful code in

@cwebber what about "metroid is my favourite and im gay for samus" :blobcatcoffee:

"metroid is my faaaavorite"

... nobody is shocked, could I possibly have said something more stereotypically transfem than that sentence

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couldn't get the new Metroid until I got paid, am paid, got new Metroid, about to BUST INTO IT

metroid is my faaaavorite

@cwebber "Stoke the bellows!" came the cry. Once the raw cons cells were red hot, the gnomish smith transferred them from the emacs-forge onto the emacs-anvil and hammered them into a finely crafted sexp.

hrt, body tmi 

The doctor also said "It doesn't always happen, but it looks like your body is taking to and adapting with the HRT fairly well" so, kind of weird to hear but I'll take that, grateful for it

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hrt, body tmi 

But also, without verifying it, I'm pretty sure I have some intersex characteristics which caused a lot of stress for me pre-transitioning but which have worked out super in my favor, before and since I started HRT both

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hrt, body tmi 

Someone made an unfortunate joke about "here, you could use these to stuff" regarding a half-sphere object on the table, but I said "I'm not stuffing these are just my boobs" and they seemed shocked in a way that was kind of satisfying

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hrt, body tmi 

I'm not sure HRT is doing much for my face but it does seem to be doing something for my boobs

(not posting photographic evidence tho, sorry!)

Bringing back TZAG and TZAF, I don't see them enough anymore but they were popular in the old fediverse days!

TZAG! (Time Zone Appropriate Greeting)
TZAF! (Time Zone Appropriate Farewell)

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