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Whoever gets their port to WASM first, Racket or Guile, wins all of Lisp/Scheme

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@cwebber I stop paying attention to the current tech buzzwords for a week and this happens

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Results of M-x dissociated-press on a file I wrote 

This is a fun emacs feature I didn't know about

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Results of M-x dissociated-press on a file I wrote 

We could with =bcom= to the compose into bean? (dict against bugs with usual ordering hazards of the underlying them in takes-string-an now query represenfort by default.)

portblocking is such a depressing and irritating perspective on security

Sitting on a train, working on the port of Spritely Goblins to Guile.

Usually I push code early, but I've been hesitant to push things up until they work this time, at least until vats are working right .

Another Monday, another "massive" ICIJ data leak on the offshore financial holdings of the world's super-rich.

This will no doubt shake up the system and have the elite trembling exactly as much as the last three did.

"The Pandora Papers"


So I just, after writing a couple of posts on my blog in which I "coined" the pun Fauxnads, conducted a quick DDG search brought up some some of your prior art on your blog!

I just read your post from 2015 ( and thought I'd mention mine from this week (

Not really expecting any back and forth on it, I'd just seen you "here" and thought I'd connect over our mutual taste in puns.


What's more energy efficient, dehydrating foods or refrigerating them?

Well... how about using waste heat from refrigeration to dehydrate?

@cwebber and I will be traveling for the next three weeks. Sadly this means a brief hiatus from @fossandcrafts and Hack and Crafts.

We should be back near the end of October.

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