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The WORST thing by far is the camera. It takes washed out yellow-orange pictures.

I mean, maybe I should just embrace that.

But it has slowed down my selfie-taking dramatically...!

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Honestly Phosh + Mobian has been pretty good. I installed a newer snapshot and then did an upgrade and actually... lots of things have gotten better since the last Mobian release. Doesn't broil my cheek, phone calls *work* pretty well, battery life is... decent enough?

SMS, but no MMS, but oh well. Should get people off texting anyway.

It's still an "adventure" but I'm enjoying it.

YES! Okay, the "on-sever" feature in Goblins now works :D

@cwebber Buy a computer with more cores = less power consumption per core on average :D

I have seven other cores apparently I don't need to care about one completely wasting energy in a busyloop

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I was wondering why my fan has been spinning a lot lately and only just now noticed that a copy of prboom with the freedoom wad was somehow still running after I quit, stuck in some 100%-cpu-using cycle

... for two weeks

lewd, nonsense 

wow, fuck that noise

(wait, sorry it's a waveform, you can't)

Bouncing around excitedly because I just came up with solutions for two of the hardest problems I had remaining in Goblins / CapTP and they're FAIRLY SIMPLE :D :D :D

Ohhhh! The generalization of the problem of "what if this promise won't resolve because the remote end holding onto its resolver disconnected" is "this promise will *never* resolve because nobody holds onto its promise anymore"!

Thinking about when @bkurdali made a "joke" a couple years ago that "eventually the impressive news item will be when it *isn't* the hottest year on record"

@cwebber "no need to shave that one, it's already shedding heavily"

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