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Of the weedy things that "show up", wood sorrel is the only one we've tried to propagate more of, which is @mlemweb's favorite green for its delicate texture and mildly lemony taste.

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The japanese knotweed stems are basically like rhubarb, I've been adding it to compote.

Today is the first time I'll be trying to cook the leaves, which are apparently edible, but since the stems are so rhubarb-like I've had this mental aversion (rhubarb leaves are poisonous)

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Making a soup out of some intentionally planted weedy things and some weeds that just showed up.

Wood sorrel, japanese knotweed, amaranth leaves (pigweed!), creeping charlie.

Plus intentionally planted: dill, carrots and carrot greens, spinach.


Tryin' my best to hack some stuff together for what I think will be an interesting call tomorrow :O

Me: I know I'll uninstall Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and add a bash alias that reminds me I don't want to play it any more if I try to run it

Me: $ guix environment --ad-hoc crawl-tiles -- crawl-tiles

I'm too cool to ever have been cool

... no actually I was just too uncool, sorry I was trying to look cool about it

Every time someone says "Potemkin village" I read it as "Pokemon village"....

Google's Fuchsia object capability security (ocap) based OS is rolling out:

Since most of my work in the last number of years is involved in object capability security, this does give me some hope. I wonder if anyone has given it a spin?

I guess here would be the right place to get started:

we, the public, demand a revival of clear-cased electronics

Oops! The wrong edit of the last episode got uploaded... nothing major, but if you already downloaded the episode we recommend you re-download to get a better quality version. Sorry about that!

Oh yeah, worth noting that we've moved our IRC chat to on ... update your clients, and see you there!

On this week's episode of @fossandcrafts we talk with @ehashman and @glasnt about FOSS stitching and the project "ih".

We also explore perceptions of traditionally feminine hobbies, preconceived notions about high vs. low level skills, and how "simple" doesn't always mean "easy"

New episode of @fossandcrafts! Episode 28: FOSS Stitch w/ Elana Hashman and Katie McLaughlin

It was great having both @ehashman and @glasnt on the show!

There's a lot of good stuff in this episode, including the stuff about "ih", @glasnt having basically the greatest excited gasp of all time, and FLOSS meets embroidery floss

Episode 28: FOSS Stitch w/ Elana Hashman and Katie McLaughlin

We are delighted to have on PSF fellows @ehashman and @glasnt who talk to us about FOSS meets embroidery and cross stitching, including the "ih" FOSS project to generate embroidery patterns!

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