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after a decade and a half of stubbornly refusing to, I finally succumbed and made a linkedin profile

I'm still not on facebook tho :P

@rbd @civodul that joke has been moved to the electron app section ;)

@civodul 75 seconds remaining before the next “Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping” joke.

After 26.5 days running, my #Emacs peaks at at 2.1 GiB resident (while IceCat is at 1.9 GiB) and I’ll have to reboot. It’s a good opportunity to get the newer device driver, “Linux” they call it.

Still, something’s wrong.

@cwebber congrats, your presentation was great. Shame the discussion was partially side tracked on tools flame wars... Let's hope this subject stays important in the context of the EU.

"Well I don't know that I 'have a type' but it is true that my romantic partners ranged across a scifi-costuming nerd, a museum-studies nerd, a theater-costuming nerd, and then a scifi-fantasy-art-history-costuming nerd and oh my god I guess I do have a type don't I"

I really did like that cat, I've just never seen a cat so eternally smug and delighted with himself.

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Fond memories of @aeva and @mym's gone but not forgotten smug-garfield-expressioned-cat.

Once I walked past and that guy casually released a talon and dug it into my skin as I passed, smug and delighted with himself.

"Be careful, that one has sharp edges", said @mym

Here's the video of today's call with the European Commission, including my talk on "Networked Communities as Essential Infrastructure"!

A big thank you to @cwebber for an insightful look into #ActivityPub and its exciting evolution & future (migrating and surviving content & identities amongst others) during the 2nd webinar on ActivityPub for Administrations!

Also exciting to hear Robert Riemann from the European Data Protection Supervisor lay out their plans to join the #fediverse (Mastodon & Peertube are expected). Important to understand the requirements & expectations of EU-institutions for (self-hosting) new tech.

Posted 37 photos: Oyster mushrooms! Elm, and blue/grey. First pins appeared on the 18th, and they matured and started dropping spores on the 25th. A fast turnaround! Every time I went in the kitchen they had grown some more. I felt like I could see them growing before my eyes.

I thought my talk to the European Commission went well.

Apparently there will be a recording put up later!

Loving @cwebber presentation today. You act differently in your different communities. To some extent privacy isn't just individual, it's to protect different social norms from community to community. Social dynamics vary and the centralised, surveillance focused internet threatens those communities and their cohesity. Again it also comes down to different behaviours may be the norms for your community, but can harm your reputation elsewhere.

Just a friendly reminder: in an hour (10 am CEST) together with the #ActivityPub-community @NGIZero is hosting a 2nd webinar on decentralized social networking for European & national administrations. ActivityPub-coauthor @cwebber will share development & future of decentralization (among which @spritelyproject ), after which we leave the floor to discuss how the European Commission, European Data Protection Supervisor & Joint Research Centre can join the fediverse ->

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