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named let, confusing everyone who's never seen a named let since the introduction of named lets

I look forward to post-covid times where I can get a proper massage to help mitigate some of the horrible back pain I've been experiencing

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It might make sense to stop if only because I don't know if my back can handle me sitting here much longer

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Ah yes! I just realized I have a way of simplifying the number of layers I need to "solve on"... good, and this fixes a temporary kluge.

I've outlined a lot and also started the simpler refactoring. If that's all I get done tonight, that's still progress.

I'd livestream my coding process on this if it weren't boring as shit and filled with long periods of me talking to myself in org-mode and occasionally staring at the screen

My current org-mode tree is this many levels deep:

********** TODO

augh jeebus

this is hard to think through, so many pieces to keep alive in my head. this might have to be a no-intarwebs hack session to get it done

Tonight's goal: finish integrating so that making captp connections over tor onion services is (mostly) easy.

It's currently possible, but definitely not easy. Messy, manual hand-wiring. It should be mostly automatic.

It'll probably be a late night, and a zombie tomorrow.

I like to amuse myself thinking that maybe I'll make an emacs lisp version of Spritely Goblins some day in the future, but I realize how extremely scraping the floor priority level such an idea is

maybe some day on a "vacation"


confused as to why anyone, let alone congress, still cares about the gamestonks thing from a few weeks ago

Ahahahahaa, this is great.

Will Smith released "chill beats to quarantine to". It's actually a great hacking album and has a nice Will Smith parody of the chilledcow-style study-meme:

Oh my god. Look at this 1947 ad in Life magazine for the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing company.

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Do I call this non-url's uri instance variable foo-uri or foo-url?

Now it's wrong in both cases.

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A thing I hate that nobody cares about except for people who have spent *way* too much time sitting in standards meetings: that the URI struct in Racket is called "url"

On the other hand it's lead to the uncomfortable situation where people start asking me what my favorite albums are and I start listing soundtracks from early-nineties SNES games

Ah yes, "the oldies"

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Maybe the thing I was the most ahead of the curve in terms of my peers was listening to video game music while programming

I won't pretend that makes me cool though

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