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Peertube v3's support for live streaming is incredibly exciting

obs integration too!

Great news, thank you for your hard work Peertube / Framasoft teams!

"normies are getting creative" by

2021 just started and this might be the video of the year

And yes, "intellectual restriction laws" is the term I use for "intellectual property laws". While different, that's the common tie between such laws: to restrict certain kinds of use of non-rivalrous intellectual goods/activity.

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An article about legal interest in the EU on Right to Repair stuff:

Pressure in the right direction, though the biggest threat (at least in the US, don't know EU law here as well) to the right to repair is the use of *intellectual restriction laws* to obstruct repair / reverse engineering / jailbreaking.

I already have a talk I shelved about the programming language history that lead to Spritely Goblins. But I think the content is good. Maybe I should just give that talk.

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I want to put too many things into this talk and that's the problem

too much internet

time to go offline to focus for most of the day

stressful things and also exciting things, both in abundance right now

but there's so much in the latter, trying to focus on and be energized by that!

I made a new gruel that has coffee right in the gruel

@adfeno @lrvick xmpp was designed from the start to be easy to expand and adapt to new needs: it is of course still heavily XML based (not that it really matters if you're not writing an xmpp server or a client without using an existing library), but the battery budget issues have been solved since a few years and end to end encryption is, with some caveats on the metadata that also apply to matrix, working as well as most alternatives.

The standard did have a few years of stagnation, just around the time when facebook and google started defederating from it (but afaik they kept using xmpp for quite some time, although they added some proprietary extensions with time), but it has since recovered.

Contemplating the return of coroutines in Spritely Goblins via <<-, but with a bit of change in behavior, limited scope of suspension (current actor only) and more up-front warning to users about re-entrancy attacks

Installing the keybase client through userspace nix because it's not in guix. But it's kind of unsettling because it's yet another Nix package that's "welp, I guess we'll just use the upstream binary black box as-is".

stress response 

eye twitching nonstop going on one week now

this is great, good

network construction, uspol adjacent, hyperbrief commentary 

- Make game rules you can survive when it isn't "your turn"
- The alt-right already joined the fediverse and then left
- Centralized social networks are playing a game nobody can win politically
- But the fediverse's present anti-abuse tooling probably won't scale to a larger incursion
- A better path forward:

This last week has mostly sucked, with a few exceptionally great moments. I'm depressed due to my lack of progress now.

uspol, attempted coup 

"don't worry the military will stop Trump" <- most unsettlingly "what" left meme of 2020

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