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"One of the hopes for the early Internet was that this new technology could help ordinary people rebalance the scales of power. That potential still exists, and we see it in everything." - EFF's Executive Director Cindy Cohn

in happier news we voted and ranked choice voting was on the ballot statewide and I was very happy to fill in "yes"

This week on @fossandcrafts listen to two exhausted conference organizers and an equally exhausted conference presenter discuss (recorded the day after the hackathon ended with @sl007)

Episode 13: ActivityPub Conference 2020 with Sebastian Lasse

@sl007 joins us as a guest, talking about collaborating with @mlemweb in co-organizing ActivityPub Conference 2020, and the experience of transitioning from a live to an online conference

@cwebber It seems ages away, but I used scsh for a lot of things and I can still remember the first time I read that section.

There were so many cool things in scsh that I become sentimental: regexps in s-expression notation, run/strings, awk loop macro...

Scsh programs/scripts were so expressive with so few characters - it is really a shame it was abandoned.

opinions/memories of super mario sunshine 

When I played Super Mario Sunshine after it first came out, I "had fun", but I think I was lying to myself about the amount of fun I was having because I was so hopeful about the game. I didn't actually have the amount of fun I was telling myself I was having until Super Mario Galaxy came out.

However, the Delfino Plaza music legitimately is one of the most fun things in that or any game, and I can and have listened to it on loop for hours.

@cwebber Heh. I had Olin for Fundamentals of Computer Programming. Great instructor.

Part way through the semester we found the SCSH acknowledgements. He told us about how he'd gotten called into the dean's office for that, and how that was the day he found out that it's much easier to convince someone you're crazy than sane.

The concluding line of the SCSH "Acknowledgements" still strikes me as funny:

"Oh, yes, the acknowledgements. I think not. I did it. I did it all, by myself."

CW though: The rest of it hasn't aged so well with the massive increase in workplace and school shootings over the last couple decades. A lot has happened since 1994 to make that part less funny.

@dthompson I will also always read OwO as oh-whoa and UwU as ooh-woo

owo i maaay have written a picture language hehe

Early but partly functioning ODT export support for Racket's Scribble language

A writeup by Jonathan Rees for the W3C Technical Architecture Group that discusses the tradeoffs in security strategies, or rather the problems that "origin-oriented" systems would encounter (and have, in masse)

Sadly it appears the web was too ingrained in its origin-based architecture, as rolled out, to avoid going down that path that ran into all the disasters forewarned. Can the fediverse learn from this mistake?

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