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Made it up to the Lair entrance and decided to call that quits for the night.

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Well I've committed to Ru, but I'm also doing much better than this time (which is not very hard given how bad last game went)

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Hm... I could sacrifice experience now, or I could wait to see about converting to Makhleb (much easier)

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well if something better shows up before you sever one of your arms

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Hm, Ru eh?

The nice thing about an early Ru worship is you can switch before you take any sacrifices so there's no penalty to joining the religion immediately early and backing out if something better shows up

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Ok starting over as the old classic, draconian transmuter, still at the same url

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wow died on the first monster
that was...
too embarassing

let's try again

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Gonna celebrate getting the garbage collection shit working in spritely goblins by slacking the hell off tonight and playing some dungeon crawl stone soup on a live server

And because I'm a complete glutton for punishment I'm going to play as an octopode venom mage.

Watch me lose, live!

Please wait, the Internet is being garbage-collected

Also the Agoric folks basically invented this design in past iterations so I can't be too smug ;)

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This is a Big Fucking Deal

also I beat Agoric to distributed GC support lol (well, they're waiting on Javascript standards to provide weak references support is why)

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Wow uh, ok. I now have distributed garbage collection fully working in Goblins it looks like? Done in these two commits:

Done across two half-days! That's... way faster than I expected. CapTP is amazing!

This means that Spritely Goblins now has a distributed programming environment that spans machines and can even reclaim references that other machines aren't using anymore...!!!!

oh okay even stranger

it did work fine

somehow in my tests I never exported the same value twice


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tfw your distributed garbage collector works on exported/imported values but you realize you were re-exporting every single value instead of reusing slots and you can't figure out why

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