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@cathal @feonixrift The other people implementing CapTP (and honestly THE experts) are whose stuff is written in Javascript. (They're advertising a lot of blockchains stuff on there but their stuff works with non-blockchain actor models, similar to ActivityPub). We are in regular contact; maybe we can achieve protocol interop, which would be great, but is yet to be seen.

@cathal @feonixrift If you really want to follow along in my journey towards making Goblins distributed, here is some information, though I'm not sure I can recommend it unless you have a lot of time to dedicate.

The core idea I am implementing is something called "CapTP". First implemented in the E programming language, then in a number of others.

I am live documenting my journey here:!topi

Be warned, that is a MONSTER thread of me communicating with domain experts!

My goal: have the first virtual worlds demo ready to show off by the end of 2020 (not the most "fun game" demo, but showing off what can be done). I think I am on track to pull it off.

It will be way, way more interesting than the Terminal Phase "time travel" demo.

(And yeah, I think Animal Crossing is a poor substitute for what people actually need/want right now. But it shows that the demand is there.)

@cathal @feonixrift That said, if you want to start getting immersed in the proper lore, maybe join on and introduce yourself to me there. I'm dustyweb. And get started on the Goblins tutorial.

The first distributed virtual worlds demo, even if a bit on the lighter side of functionality, *should* happen by the end of 2020.. I am on schedule for that. It'll show you what's possible with this system, but won't be a completely fun game yet.

@cathal @feonixrift Note: I think it will be easier for people to start "extending virtual worlds" once the virtual-worlds-foundation exists, the same way that a lot of people get into programming by "modding" games that are ready-to-play but also open-to-extend.

@feonixrift I am helping, I'm directing my thoughts and prayers to @cwebber :P
I think the language is LISPy and I haven't yet turned enough attention there to be useful.. <_<

@cathal I think we all need to start putting hours toward helping if we want @cwebber to save us. ;) But I'm really glad to see all these efforts going forward. There's a lot of work happening in the background, that I hope we will see results from.

@feonixrift Possibly @cwebber will save us, I think the current experimentation is towards broader protocols that might include federated entertainments?

We need fediverse (or at least distributed foss) virtual worlds. I'm tired of missing parties because they're in animal crossing.

@cathal @feonixrift There are a few more fundamental pieces that I need to get down before it will be "easy" to help me. Namely, I need to finish the "secure distributed computing" part. But that is in progress and probably is closer to reality than most expect. Once I have that I can build a mini virtual worlds demo.

If you want to start getting ready to help, go through

The abstractions there are the same you will use for virtual worlds programming.

@librelounge @emacsen @cwebber 👏👏 👏 I never connected MORE to what a podcast had to say. Máirín Duffy speaks from my heart. Free Software has so much to learn when it comes to design and UX. I wish every coder of every project I joined had to hear this episode. Her #Gimp was my #Freedombox. Listen to her advice.

what if trees sprang from cardboard sacks and exploded into the general public

there is a specific kind of spider, the spider that nourishes you

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