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"Your donations so far have allowed us to check numerous companies' source releases this year, each time getting us a bit closer to the goal of fully compliant releases of the GPLed software they use. " Denver Gingerich speaks about how our compliance work happens.

A Theory of Fun is a really good book, and itself extremely fun? I was reading it before bed last night and just blasting through it, the way I only usually do with graphic novels. (I also read a lot of non-graphic-novels but am semi slow comparatively in reading them.) Self-application of its own ideas while teaching; quite incredible.

This also means it's much easier to give enemies health.

That also means that the kamikaze fighters and the turrets are now considerably more dangerous.

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It took the whole day but I made a bunch of refactors to Terminal Phase enemy stuff so that enemies that have "health" can share code. I think it made things a lot better and more interesting.

Hi! As some of you know, I helped out some of my friends at @conservancy this year with their funding campaign:

This was partly for fun, but it was mostly because I really believe in it. Conservancy does critical work in standing up for user freedom principles and in supporting tons of FOSS projects (lots of which you probably use).

There's 2 days left and over $17k to go. If you haven't donated yet, they could use your help!

nobody would probably use it but it would be very easy to add multiplayer to right now


All I had to do was double-rubber-duck-debug by also talking with @mlemweb and writing in org-mode at the same time

I'll probably use obs, which is packaged in Guix.

The main downside is I don't think there's a libre / federated system that streams with obs yet? Or is there?

Which means I might do the minimum viable thing, which is stream to youtube (boo)

I'll upload the finished videos either to or a peertube instance after the fact regardless.

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I might try a small video streaming experiment tomorrow about development? Not sure if people would be interested.

despite everything I just said, struggling to figure out how to do a nice "enemy with health" mixin I don't hate so I can stop repeating myself

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If you want to know how 's architecture works, @tsyesika and I had a chat where I explained things and she gave me permission to post it.

Eventually this may become a more coherent document... in the meanwhile, maybe you get something out of it!

Which baba?

Ie, it's possible to very easily compose structures, but you don't get the kind of ambiguous "triangle of death" inheritence problems that class heirarchies have. The flow is more obvious.

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One thing that makes it nice is I use mixins that are akin to the ones that are in Racket's class system (lots of things I don't love about Racket's classes, but I love those), and a methods macro that has something like E's "extends" feature. This combination makes for some really pleasant to construct designs.

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Planning a new mixin for managing the common case of enemies that have health in

Archon for the C64 and The Unholy War are such nice game designs: strategy game that transitions to a fighting game on attack.

I'd love to have a modern game of something like that again. There's a gamejam idea if you want to run with it sometime!

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