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@cwebber Looks cool! My nephew has just finished a PoC for 1st person engine in the terminal:

$440 of $500... 88% of the way to the Patreon goal for the world to get a fully-functioning space shooter that runs in terminals everywhere

I wonder if we will get there by the end of the year? Could be fun for the holidaze


This is kind of amazing (and a handy PSA reminder that TikTok is Tik-Toxically monitored and owned by the Chinese government). Via


My guess: Zuckerberg vs Musk, there's your 2024 democratic candidates

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now steam controller may be cool but it will never be "force-feedback rotary dial in the middle of the controller" cool

@cwebber Elon Musk would only accept the title of Electric God Emperor Of Mars

How long until Elon Musk launches butt-forward into a US presidential election

How a Completely Blind Manager/Dev Uses Emacs Every Day

If you haven't seen emacspeak, it's incredible software

Wow this really is amazing set of videos from @emacsconf:

I guess the really cool thing about emacsconf is that it was an online/distributed conference. Some folks have suggested that a nice fediverse conference could also be entirely online. I haven't been sure how to do it but it looks like @emacsconf did it right.

(I do think that it was good that we had APConf IRL this time, because a lot of the value was from in-person interactions. But this is valuable too.)

[ANN] EmacsConf 2019 videos now out!

By all accounts, EmacsConf 2019 was a big success, and I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of you for your help and efforts in making it so! With just over 3 weeks after the conference, I’m very happy to announce that the EmacsConf 2019 videos are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Read the full announcement on our mailing list archives:

you've been assigned to the worst circle of hell

correctly getting a list of filenames with spaces in them from one process and iterating over them in bash

I turned off my internet for a while and was Very Productive

I turned it back on and I can't get things done

What could be the connection???

Improvements to #littrme, the link aggragator based on #ActivityPub: fix an issue wher Undo activities on previous Like/Dislike didn't propagate to the full audience collections'. Finished (I hope) the mentions and hash tags extraction from an item's content.

Also in #fedbox, the generic #ActivityPub service, we have now better handling of BCC and Bto fields, which are used by for generating the public timelines.

Sketched out what I think would be a fun alife system to test genetic programs in this morning, and most importantly, fun to watch. If only I had time to explore it... I definitely don't, though.

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