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I'll be mostly offline the next few days. Sorry. I need to get things done and I don't have the energy to expend on social things right now.

In other news, I am making good progress. I just merged a bunch of code into Goblins' master branch. Inter-vat communication is now working for same-process vats. Multiple process/server vat communication coming soon... that's when we'll hit the real actual "secure distributed programming" promise of Spritely Goblins.

it’s a working system. the only thing left to validate is the charger / battery monitor. then it’s time for board rev 2, finishing the case design and kick off the crowdfunding

Really, really close to having super basic inter-vat-communication working in Goblins I think. Hyped.

uspol, bernie, warren 

@cwebber Thanks for the shoutout! Plenty of Habitat related stuff on there for anyone interested in the history of virtual worlds.

Generally I don't feel this way about other frozen vegetables, only brussels sprouts

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Brussels sprouts: delicious
Frozen brussels sprouts: disgusting slimy nightmare

Hey look it's @stublad! They're the ones who uploaded the Electric Communities Habitat video I referenced in my talk.

More stuff about that all at

re: PSA for pulseaudio users 

PSA for pulseaudio users 

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PSA for pulseaudio users 

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