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AP conf was much better than I expected! Happy I could meet everyone!

Oh, I guess I should set up a SocialCG meeting announcement for tomorrow

Honestly I am pretty tired but tomorrow would be a good day to sync up on many of the things we discussed at APConf. My energy level is low. Are people interested? If so, I'll set up the page.

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I anticipate that the first major stamps system to hit the fediverse will have a weird fedimeme attached to it but I'm not sure what it will 🅱️ e

@gargron @lain Anyway, NO blockchain involved, NO proof of work necessary. Transaction times are small and fast. It does mean "trusting" the digicash bank, but that's why it's important to have an open market and let anyone trade the stamps; eventually, some reasonably well trusted stamp providers will emerge.

And... this lets us open up a path towards an alternative to Facebook Libra and Weechat that's actually respectful of user freedoms and individual autonomy.

@gargron @lain So those last two (buying is anonymous but selling is not) are highly interesting. You *could* set up the Digicash ~bank to operate in an anonymous manner, it's kind of a choice (I won't explain that fully here), but that means two paths open up:

- "legit, by the books" currencies which actually are fully taxable
- more IOU-like per-community tradeable token systems (which, of course people will trade for real money, but...)

@gargron @lain So how to build it? Two paths: the ocap folks demonstrated you can make "money" basically from ocaps alone (see "simple money" on )

But, that doesn't provide all the properties we want, even though it is easy to make and issue them.

@gargron Let's ignore exactly how it works but just accept a few facts:
- anyone can make them
- they can be very local or very global
- people decide how much value they have
- they can be traded, bought, sold
- the entity in charge of them is responsible for how much they inflate them by issuing them
- they are NOT on a blockchain, though if someone chooses to back them by a blockchain (the way US dollars used to be redeemable for gold) they can, but it's not strictly necessary


@gargron Ok, so first of all, no blockchain or PoW for tradeable-stamps required. Instead, we move to the idea that anyone, or any community, can establish a "live" fiat ~currency like token system. Literally, anyone can make it, and how much "value" it has is up to the users. From chuck-e-cheese tokens to porn cams, lots of sites / places have these kinds of "not really money but kinda" tokens, and so do games like WoW and etc.


@gargron Stamps were left ambiguous so that proof-of-work was one option, but I think it's less interesting than the "tradeable" stamps, and it turns out that pretty much everyone at APConf agreed that the PoW version isn't as interesting as the tradeable "getting paid" version, so let me unpack how "untradeable stamps" works.

By the end of explaining the plan I really like @lain seemed convinced, so I'll explain in this thread and ask lain to clarify if I missed anything so far.

@cwebber @cjd all these ideas culminate to one big vision in your head, so it sometimes sounded like an all-or-nothing switch to me. It's good to know that many of these ideas can be implemented on their own and are already useful then.

@cwebber @karen

FOSDEM devrooms expect a program covering the whole day, there's no reason why we could not reproduce the format used at APConf, with the first day reserved for talks, and the second day for unconf. I would definitely support this kind of setup. Especially as there's always undetermined topics coming up from the combination of talks and casual discussion.

BTW @lain I am taking your comments to heart from the ocap session about needing to explain more clearly what this can give us that an ACL approach can't. I'll work on that.

And actually, I was pleased with your point that "we can adopt stamps even if we don't adopt ocaps"... if even only that were to happen, that would be a useful contribution from the ocappub to the greater fediverse even if it didn't use ocaps-for-actors. :) Incrementalism!


Takeaways from the #activitypubconf

1. SharedInbox is dead (look out for MultiBox and OcapsPub)

2. Strong interest to explore Object Capabilities as a way to secure social introductions, power delegation and transitivity, and to develop effective cooperation tools that prevent abuse in the #Fediverse

3. There should be a dedicated #ActivityPub devroom at #FOSDEM2020

@cjd We need to get rid of gendered pronouns altogether because when we construct a language's grammar we make explicit choices about what information is important to carry in the system and gendered language altogether is seriously responsible for many false preconceptions in communication so let's switch all gendered pronouns to gender neutral pronouns thanks for coming to my TED talk

@cwebber @karen I think there's also the problem that the most popular "OOP" language is probably java, which isn't a very good example of the OOP that Smalltalk or Ruby do (with object/actors sending each other messages).
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