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Prematurely optimizing to solve the square root of evil

maybe today is the day I get a haircut

a momentous occasion

Currently waiting for the drywall repairman to get here. That is the LAST time I hug someone so hard I bust through the wall like kool-aid man.

I'm self-employed now so no one can fire me except myself. And even then I'm nervous.

The earth will outlive us. The question isn't about the earth's survival, but ours. How long do you want to live here? How many generations of grand children would you like to see live here?

It's a great house, with a great @mlemweb, but I pretty much didn't step a foot outside of it after our friend left on Sunday

I was really stuck on how to implement vats in the post-goblinoid-rewrite-merge of goblins.

Turns out looking at the old Goblins code had all the right answers! Thanks, former me!

Young guy walks up to me at coffee shop and says "I'm just learning to program... do you mind if I ask what you're doing?"

Half an hour later, mini lecture/intro to lisp, activitypub, etc :P

Had a dream that we were living a more normie life:

a) I literally had the classic "you have amnesia, you forgot what happened the last few years" trope
b) yet I was a few years younger
c) Morgan and I were both on more "stable" career paths
d) our house was less weird, more suburban
e) we had a kid whom I clearly loved and focused all our energy into rather than projects

It seemed like a perfectly acceptable life path and it was nice to visit it. I find the path I'm on good/worthwhile though.

Sorry that was so rambly, and --verbose as usual. Hope it's useful in some way.

Ultimately I argue that we need our systems to be robust enough to support real expansion of decentralization.

But if you can see content, and you help host it, there's some level of responsibility there. I believe that people should have the right to say just about anything in their own home, but when they're in my home, you can't say slurs and hang out here. I would knowingly take down illegal content, thus I'm not sure why I wouldn't knowingly take down unethical content.

Eventually, maybe everything is E2E; we host things, good and bad, we can't see, and our system is robust enough to support it and still protect users. And our system *must* be good enough where we don't assume a few overworked admins save the world. And OcapPub warns about the nation-state'ification of the fediverse through allow/deny lists, and I believe this to be a real threat.

But... BUT!!!
(... cotd, one last time ...)

- Ultimately, I do agree that the future of moderation is user empowerment
- I feel a bit caught here because I *am* arguing that the direction Mastodon and etc are heading is going to shake the fediverse apart, but that's because I don't believe it's robust enough / accidentally results in centralization
- But we should realize we don't have the tools for this direction yet
- *I* would not choose to host content with hate speech in plain view
(... cotd, almost done ...)

- I don't actually think that the you-and-your-friends-crowdsource-identifying-what-is-bad approach will work; an architecture for that may actually be useful for responding to "fake news", but I don't know if it prevents abuse (it may even increase the ability to dogpile). I'm not sure about it. But I wouldn't have chosen it as a first line of defense as listed in that article.

(... cotd ...)

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