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us concentration camps 

In the most recent episode of our podcast, @cwebber and @emacsen take a walk down memory lane about 8 bit computers, DOS and Unix command lines and the way that the imagery and mystique of the terminal may be holding us back.

Almost sixteen years ago I met this goofy guy who creeped me out just a bit. Then we became friends. Almost fifteen years ago I had a migraine and my mom told me to have Chris sleep in my dorm room since I was on new meds ... He never left. Ten years ago we got married. We live a magical life together and I love him more every day! Happy anniversary @cwebber

This game engine built on top of Jay McCarthy's excellent DOS (Delimited Operating-system Simulator) package:

Want a hint on what I made Morgan for our anniversary? I'll give you a hint: it involved me building an ocap game engine layer (no, not spritely, but it is a spritely warmup) named DOS/Hurd

Can you find the present? Bonus points if you can run it!

It's the 10th anniversary of @mlemweb and I's wedding! I made something cool as a present, I will post about it soon.

I have a special surprise coming out tomorrow though

Hi! I know people are sending me messages, I will try to reply to them soon. I am traveling this and next week, fyi.

ok it's time for me to not look at a computer anymore

Horray for @npd in pointing out that something that we should see the "don't scrape me plz" proposal as a robots.txt kind of equivalent

That brings a lot of clarity to what it is, how we might expect services to respect *and* ignore it (both happens to robots.txt!), and avoids the unnecessary tracking problem.

The alternate proposal of a sharedInbox type thing where you supply in the header all intended recipients would at least have preserved the actor model and intentional delivery.

Receive-side filtering for federation results in lots of dangerous behaviors... and in that sense, the occasional comment that activitypub is only "advisory" on privacy, I think, stems not just from the E2E stuff but from this last-minute mistake. Explicit/intentional delivery is much safer.

I never should have allowed sharedInbox to be changed to filter-on-server-receive in ActivityPub. Probably the biggest mistake in my programming career.

I really ought to write a blogpost about the E programming language, and why it's *THE MOST* important programming language you probably haven't studied if you're interested in secure distributed/decentralized systems.

Time and time again, I run into some challenge and it turns out that the answer is already written out somewhere on two decades ago.

> This tension between the simplicity of EQ and the usefulness of EQUAL has led to a great deal of confusion. This confusion has now lasted for 30 years, with additional confusion having been recently added by Common Lisp. Since neither EQ nor EQUAL has the desired semantics for the multiplicity of Common Lisp datatypes, Common Lisp added six more--EQL, EQUALP, =, CHAR=, STRING=, and STRING-EQUAL, yet these also lack the correct semantics. Scheme continues this confusion by offering the three predicates (eq?, eqv? and equal?) which are roughly equivalent to Common Lisp's EQ, EQL and EQUALP.

-- "Equal Rights for Functional Objects or, The More Things Change, The More They Are the Same", Henry G. Baker…

@emacsen @cwebber For the longer term, I think it might be good to consider how the document can live long without getting obsolete.

Much of the mid-90s advice on combating spam in email was obsolete by 2000. It'd be nice to build something more lasting for the fediverse.

Writing out (what I hope will be) a comprehensive overview of techniques that ActivityPub node operators can use to prevent spam.

While I've yet to encounter spam on the Fediverse, it seems inevitable that this will happen without intervention.

If we can create some good techniques to address spam before it happens, maybe we can stop spam from ever being a problem on the Fediverse.

Thanks @cwebber for helping co-author, as well as originating many of the ideas! Really excited to work on it!

I have backups but don't appreciate my filesystem having errors right before I leave on a trip... how typical

e2fsck seems to have probably fixed things

maybe it's time to move from ext4 to btrfs.

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