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@Framasoft is doing a funding campaign to build activitypub-powered event-hosting software

They have a good track record of following through, seems worth supporting

Targeted sha-1 collisions now apparently much more possible and cheaper with new research

How long till someone introduces an intentional cycle in a git repository? Anyone want to place bets on which one? My guess: the linux kernel, sometime in the next 1.5 years.

HT @rixx for the link

DOJ accuses Verizon and AT&T employees of participating in SIM-swap identity theft crimes

Live look at an open source maintainer being thanked for their work 👇

Finished all the rest of the Crystal client subcommands right before I have to get ready for this meeting, heck yes.

Documentation is next (after the meeting)

I've been beating myself up a lot on here because I've been pretty stressed, and my default stress response is to beat myself up. Sorry, I guess it's not healthy; I'm working on it.

On the upside I'm nearing the point of having out this next Spritely demo, and I have to say that I am pretty damn proud of it. While eternally depressed and disappointed in myself, there are moments where I can step back and say "dang, actually this is good and useful."

The wild relative of the garden strawberry.

Wild Strawberry - Tlachd-shùbh - Fragaria vesca

We frequently have these wild strawberries growing exactly where they aren't wanted, particularly along gravel paths. They are such lovely plants I hate to disturb them.

If I remember I will photograph them again in late June or July when the fruit ripens.

#nature #macro #photo #photography #flowers #florespondence

Urine Separation - Closing the Nutrient Cycle

With a minimal amount of treatment, urine is one of the best crop fertilizers available. So why are we treating it as waste?

The number of people who want an unrelated (or any) video that starts automatically playing interspersed in the middle of an article they did want to read: 0

Even though I feel socially and politically aligned with the people posting them, I guess my read on history prevents me from enjoying guillotine memes? I mean, if things went down like they did last time, wouldn't the followup round to hit the guillotine be people who made and posted guillotine memes?

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