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While I'm obviously back online now, spending the morning hacking offline has once again been a successful strategy.

New @librelounge where we get meta... the philosophy of the show, how we plan and record it, what software we use, how we do the website, and all the tons of work behind the scenes work @emacsen does on editing and coordination!

Who's ready for a very chill episode about how Libre Lounge is made? Join us for a meta episode!

Had the first dinner party with friends at our house last night. Went well. I think we'll be making it a weekly thing... the one time we're careful about cleaning is when people come over and I'd rather keep the house in shape.

Looks like next week I'll be running an RPG here too, probably something like Ghostbusters but where the players are more like ghost therapists than exterminators. I have ideas.

Text-mining journalists find that lawmakers introduced 10,000 bills that were copypasted from lobbyists' "model legislation"

Well THAT ended up being a more emotional episode of @librelounge than I expected. Might be a couple of weeks but I'll wonder how people will react to it when it comes out...

Just a straw poll of interest here.

If we did a W3C workshop on federation and ActivityPub, would you want to attend? Is it something you'd be willing to travel for?

Interesting call in the SocialCG today about whether activitystreams/activitypub should adopt the proposed "Evergreen Standards" track

I feel like I haven't been doing a very good job running the SocialCG. I need to figure out how to get energy back into it. Not sure what to do. Open to thoughts.

SocialCG call in a little under an hour

I scheduled the ActivityPub issues as the thing to talk about, but I'm open to other topics:

As interesting of a quote it is out of context, it's interesting in-context too: we were simultaneously talking about virtual worlds, artificial life, and problems of "fake news"... Lee was stating (without a solution) desire for the system' structure to reinforce ~truth

"If only physics of truth can percolate into these hyper-fantasies"
-- something Lee Spector (friend who works on genetic programming) said over coffee

I have this big ol' stack of index cards with interesting things written on them clogging up my hipster PDA. Filing them into org-mode, but some of them I've struggled where to figure out to put them...

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