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This is my new account, my old one is which I've lost my 2FA, that's fine I didn't really use it much. I think a do over is in order.

Ida walks in saying "We don't need to buy an electric (coffee) grinder!".

She's stood there with her cordless drill hooked up to our hand grinder :P I guess that's one way to do it 😆☕

Hello! If I've seemed quiet it's because I went on a trip to India and didn't bring my computer! India was great. Now to deal with a giant pile of emails....

@jalcine @cwebber… (2018-09-15):

> Add support for renaming columns within a table using ALTER TABLE table RENAME COLUMN oldname TO newname.

took some more neutral pictures of Reform not promoting any applications except htop ^^ is the day after FOSDEM2019. @cwebber will speak, and I assume many other interesting people will be there, in a speaking role or as a participant. Also me. 😀

"Clueless" seems like a non-ableist way of saying someone isn't putting things together. They either don't have the information they need or they aren't putting it together in a way that's left fairly open-ended.

ugh I'm so fucking exhausted but I've got so much prep I have to do before I can go on this trip :(


The first beta release of Forge is finally out. "Work with Git forges, such as Github and Gitlab, from the comfort of Magit and the rest of Emacs."


a) the way we do addressing is so fucked
b) I should probably move off of Linode already
c) augh

Looks like my linode box's ipv6 address was delisted again by spamhaus

What was the source of the problem? I took a look and it looks like maybe I have to do some special things

Argh, one more thing for the todo list...

@emacsen @varx Emacs's config file *is* code, and tbh most of the programs that I prefer to use recognize the importance of that because ultimately they'll add those "features" later, but worse. See also the popularity of "oh we'll just use YAML, this is just a config file" and then "oh no we need conditionals, let's add Jinja2 or some other ill-fitting templating language"

Heck, was it ansible or salt? One of them recently added *exception handling* to their YAML configs! *Come on.*

I'm not saying neural nets don't have their uses but maybe if your goal is to generate funny phrases, use markov chains

hey remember when markov chains were the new hotness for generating gibberish phrases instead of neural nets?

sure were a lot cheaper

does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose 

Is this openwashing? Claim of MIPS going "open" but it looks like you need to "sign up" to get access to their "IP"


I wish they had mentioned how Git LFS took a lot of ideas from git-annex in the article though. Not that such ideas aren't a river but I feel like that bit of info is missing.

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