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Since a lot has changed in the past year, I'm gonna do a new #introduction. Hi! I'm Harris and I'm Principal Web Developer at Freedom of the Press Foundation. I live in sunny (right now, at least) Somerville MA. I'm interested in open-source software, social justice, and the intersection of press freedom and technology. 👨‍💻🌈✨

real world horror plus murder 

JSON-goLD: a json-ld lib for Go

Apparently the devs have also built a 2015 version of Linked Data Signatures, but it's not released yet, but seems on the roadmap

RPG food with some polygonal style and using the DB32 color palette with some color edits, mainly low saturation to give a more real feel.

#PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #digitalart



-i will make weird things that wobble, dance, throb, rotate and sometimes xplode
-using #b3d #krita #flossart
-these things are made with no plan
-they are made by doing things wrong
-occasionally I may talk
-sometimes there will be music
-but not often
-i am taking form along with them
-i am a nonbinary human (for now)

Re: #FlyingLess -

I'm a perpetual digital nomad, but committed to not flying at the beginning of 2018.

I'm not a climate scientist, but as a recent academic I took major advantage of the international conference circuit to travel as much as possible during my PhD.


In short if you can swing it, finding alternative ways to travel without flying is the bomb.


I think I need a break from the non-essentials. I've been feeling overwhelmed.


given that 'Mrs' is supposedly for married women but that's super heterocentric, there's no Mr in my marriage, and that older people consider 'Ms' to be for 'schoolteachers and lesbians'...

i would like to propose 'Mss', pronounced 'Mizes', for married lesbians.

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