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It's very tempting to write a variant on bencode that ships all of the types supported by json and call it "jencode"

My 11 year old son loves making mazes that are super complicated and near impossible to do.

He has just taken it to the next level with this work in progress.

I want to bike home but it was raining but so I got tea but now it stopped but I have a bunch of tea to finish

seems that ipv6 supporting trackers exist so there must be an extension

BEP 4 only appears to support IPv4... not too surprising I guess

The dude at a nearby table in this coffee shop is Very Excited to have recently become a federalist libertarian and has been Very Excited about it for 2 hours

Oh I see.. is it a hash of the participant's network address?

Bittorrent spec says node ids taken at random from large numeric space. What prevents bittorrent clients from intentionally using the same node id as someone they want to attack?

@polychrome Programs, like gaseous substances, expand to fill the volume of their container

@cwebber You've probably seen it before but this reminds me of an article I used to show my bootcamp students when I would tell them stories about legacy code and they'd look at me skeptically...

> Institutional memory is short and institutional processes are slow.
> So institutions often walk into a room and wonder, "What did I come in here for, again?"

-- Evan Prodromou

@cwebber incredible mood I finally upgraded kroeg to newer rust nightlies

the weather the last 1.5 months:

- hot
- rainy and hot

the best thing about writing a bencode parser is that it's basically canonical sexps but with a couple of extra builtin types

it's hard to keep at it sometimes 

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